From July 1, 2020, the importation of the Categories of M2 and M3 to Russia will be denoted to Russia — these are passenger buses, minibuses and construction special equipment. The procedure for customs clearance of right-hand drive cars is also complicated. Duties will depend on the age and environmental class of the machine. And the owner will need to obtain a technical certificate confirming the compliance of the machine design of the safety requirements.

Recall that initially GOST 33670-2015 «Car vehicles are single. Examination and testing methods for conformity assessment «was supposed to enter into force exactly a year ago, but his introduction was postponed, and it seemed that he would come into force exactly from July 1 of the current year. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impossibility of completing all the preparatory measures to complete all the preparatory activities, the application of the standard may be postponed once again.

The introduction of the GOST was already twice: at first he had to earn throughout the EAEEC since January 2019, then he was transferred to July, then July 2020. State Duma Deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexey Kornienko, at the request of the VL.RU, sent a government request to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to clarify the provisions of the new standard and the deadlines for its entry into force. According to the Ministry of Industry, GOST 33670-2015 will concern all cars, including those that citizens are imported from abroad for their own needs. The standard was adopted in 2015 on the territory of the entire Eurasian Economic Union with a deferred entry into force. Now they want to postpone it until December 1st. The appropriate draft decision of the EAEEC College was prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Commission of Russia and sent to the Ministry of Economic Development for its consideration at the next meeting of the EAEEC College.

If the adoption is postponed, then the Far Easterns will have the opportunity to bring one car from Japan. About these relief of government

According to the Analytical Agency Avtostat, at the beginning of 2020 in Russia there were 4 million right-hand drive cars, which is 7.6% of the entire car fleet. Most

We also recall that by order of the government of Dmitry Medvedev from December 3, 2019 No. 2895-P of December 3, 2019, the residents of the Far Eastern Federal District are given the possibility of importation to Russia for one used car with the right-hand drive of the steering without equipping devices of emergency services of ERA-GLONASS. The reason is that on the territory of the DVFO there is a very limited number of points for installing this «alarm button» ERA-GLONASS. The action of this Regulation has been established for a period of one year — until December of the current year. That is, by the end of the year, the Far Eastern can bring one right-handed used car from Japan without a mandatory installation of the «buttons».