UZ-AUTO cars, still presented in Russia under the Korean Ravon brand, will now be sold under the Chevrolet brand. Thus, only a change in the name of the models to a more recognizable name will occur, but technically car was like that will remain. Why I had to apply Renaiming.

In the marketer language, such a transition from one name to another is called Reniming. Let’s say right, the return of Uzbek production in the Russian Federation under the new Korean brand / name Ravon did not benefit. The initial plans were ambitious even for such a budget brand. The top management of the Uzbek automaker was voiced by the figures that the Ravon brand, returning to the Russian market easily overcome the level of 34 thousand cars in 2020. But the realism of these figures is doubtful, since competition in the budget segment is acute, and competitors do not stand still and stepped far ahead. However, the name of the name and emblem (nameplate) should go to raise reputation. After all, the sin of Timing, the Ravon brand, although declared as the successor Daewoo and Chevrolet caused some concerns. The emblem change will make the Russian motorist remember the existence of these cars forgotten them and pay attention to them.

But six years ago, the sales of Chevrolet made up 175 thousand pieces, and even more than 230 thousand. The dealer network had a broad geography and consisted of more than 160 DC throughout the country. The share of the American brand exceeded 7%. That is, it was today’s level of Hyundai brand in the Russian market with very strong market positions.

Since the Russian car market has some specifics, namely a bodice segment, then renamed Chevrolet cars have their own market potential.

It should be noted that low sales of RAVON cars were due to several reasons. Breaks in supplies, vulnerability of pricing policy, unworn work with a dealer network. And of course, the Novelty of the brand for the Russian motorist, which caused distrust and demanded additional costs to increase brand awareness.

The fact that Cars Chevrolet are produced in Uzbekistan does not particularly affect the perception of their Russian motorist, because in principle, cars have already been tested, starting with the ancient Daewoo Nexia.

Uzbekistan, given its Central Asian position, in addition to expansion to neighboring countries and in the Russian Federation there is practically no place to supply their cars. Europe due to high environmental requirements is closed, the markets of the countries of the Middle and Middle East also difficult to penetrate. But the automotive markets of the CIS countries, when fulfilling the condition 50% of localization are the most trouble-free, on their borders are not charged high duty.

GM for a long time is already a partner of UZ-AUTO, the production of cars under the Chevrolet brand here is deployed at a complete cycle, with quite high localization.

Moreover, it should be noted that cars manufactured in Uzbekistan are not carried by the most advanced technologies, and therefore their delivery in the Russian Federation does not wear any problem. And this aspect for GM is very important.

Recall that for the French automaker PSA (Peugeot) there is a ban on the export of cars of the Opel brand (former European division GM sold by the French Auto Gauge). In a contract for the acquisition of Opel, it was specially prescribed that the Opel cars cannot be supplied to the Russian Federation in which there are GM developments.

Indeed, GM’s departure from Russia in 2015 had all the same political reasons. And now, for GM, the exit to once left and potentially still the capacious market is acceptable using a partner with both political and financial points of view.

Therefore, GM goes to such a nontrivial step, like reneyming cars produced by the Uzbek partner. It has already been announced that the model range produced by a partner of cars can be replenished with rather «fresh» models of the American brand. Our channel has already reported on a potential best-selling analogue.

Recall that today in Russia a fairly significant Chevrolet car fleet, which has about 1.7 million units of vehicles, and more than half (54%) at the age of no more than 10 years. They can be tightened to dealership service when conducting a verified pricing policy.

Political changes incurred in Uzbekistan affected the economy, on the auto industry and its strategy and work in foreign markets. It is possible that soon the UZ-AUTO can declare itself as a strong player in the post-Soviet space. But this is in the future.

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