During the recession of sales, when the crisis is raging, a saving measure to support and maintain the volume of car output becomes public procurement. This is, in principle, a sufficiently tested measure for such extremal situations, which are for reasons independent of automakers.

Today during self-insulation and safety measures, when the country’s economy has slipped into a crisis, many automakers thought about such an interesting question, and cars can become

But, as you know, under the laying stone water will not flow, so the automakers must be proved that it is their cars that are sharpened under the state needs. And in this regard, we are observing interesting phenomena that we will tell you.

For example, soon domestic

Recently, in the open base of Rosstandard, approval of the type of vehicle on 14 special vessels of the Lada Vesta family has appeared. There will be not only sedan and wagon in the course, but also

Alteration of standard Lada Vesta will be engaged in InvestaVto LLC. The company’s arsenal already has several Largus modifications, including medical, dynamic and trucks, as well as a refrigerator. Now the company has received permission to issue special machines based on the Vesta model.

And all this happens why? Yes, simply in Russia sharply decreased volumes of the release of Lada Vesta model. From January to May, inclusive from the conveyor of the Lada Izhevsk plant, where all cars of the Vestsky «family produced only 32.2 thousand pieces, which is 1.6 times less than in the same period of 2019.

Or another example. The main bureaucratic car of the Russian Federation is Toyota Camry. The numerous detachment of the country’s official class in the parks of the municipal or regional authorities has long been «tested» these Japanese models of several generations. But this friend of many officials «comes on the heels» another car class of business sedans Kia Optima. While the gap between them is essential. Over the first half of 2020, Toyota Camry diverged a slightly less than 11.4 thousand pieces, and Kia Optima is 7.4 thousand, which is one and a half times less. But now with the change of generations of the Korean business sedan, competition for attention from government agencies will increase.

Recall that the new generation of Kia Optima changed the name on K5. The first batch of Kia K5 business sedans for the Russian market has already been released and seen in Moscow. Start of sales is scheduled for September. The less sound name Kia K5, which is still used only in the markets of South Korea and China, according to the official version, is due to changes in the brand development strategy, as well as the new vector design vector of the model itself. In Russia, the new KIA K5 is still certified with two gasoline power units: 150-strong (192 nm) «atmospheric» 2.0 and a new 194-strong (246 nm) 2.5-liter engine with direct injection. The basic motor will be combined with an old six-speed «machine», a more powerful engine interacts with an 8-range automatic transmission. Front actuator is non-alternative. The machine increased in length to 4.9 m. What is not a solid car for officials? Yes, and the price will be lower than the Toyota Camry. And this is one of the significant advantages in procurement contests.