The meaning of the «Repair Plan» or «Subscription Repair» is extremely simple. The owner of the car, together with the SOST specialists, based on the available data and, possibly, an additional technical inspection assesses the state of the vehicle. Then make up with different degrees of detail (depth) repair / maintenance plan for some period: year, two or even three or four. Directly on the items write out that it is necessary to make sure that I would like to do if possible, what details (assemblies of the aggregates) during this time the resource is exhausted, etc., and calculate the cost of all these works and spare parts. And as a result, the sum is broken by equal shares on monthly payments, thereby forming the so-called «subscription».

Now everything that remains a motorist is to maintain meant money in the cashier and in the agreed time to come to the workshop. The amount is strictly fixed and the entire validity period of the agreement / contract is not changed, despite inflation and other external factors.

The only exception is an accident or not a predicted breakdown. But again, even in these cases, the owner of the car has already accumulated a certain budget for his account, part of which will go to eliminate damage and defects. Therefore, from a financial point of view, he will not be defenseless before the misfortune fell on him — a person has been inspired by the accumulations.

This service in Western Europe and America is offered both separate stations and networks. But in any case, the subscription is issued on a specific enterprise to which, figuratively speaking, the car is attached to the service and which constantly monitors its health. It also reminds the car owner as necessary so that he does not miss agreed time, reminds of the necessary actions (for example, a seasonal replacement of tires), offers additional services and services. That is, if you look at all this idea on the other hand, without any marketing and advertising costs, the car service creates a loyal client, tightly tosing it to him for the years.

Plus, it receives a certain amount of free funds already entered by clients, but not yet spent on work and spare parts — a fairly useful financial «pillow», the dimensions of which may vary, but which will always be available to finance the operation of a hundred.

Advantages for customers

It is clear that regular maintenance allows you to save money by motorists in the long run, reducing the risk of breakdowns, ensuring fuel economy and keeping the residual cost of the car. However, the price of the corresponding technical service can hold, and it is in this matter that the cost distribution using a pre-generated service plan can help.

The car owner really saves, saves on a regular basis, guaranteeing itself the availability of funds in his account in a hundred, available to pay for the service and repair of its car (and other vehicles in the family if available). «Subscriber» adds a certain amount to his account every month. It may (by agreement) change the payment or take a break at any time, or when it feels that it has already created a sufficient reserve — the scheme is very flexible; Any hidden and additional payments are missing. At the same time, the account balance is, of course, is always available online.

Thus, the client can enjoy the carefree movement, knowing that its car service is covered by light monthly payments. Thus, it avoids big lump-sum expenses, defeats inflation, fixes its service costs. Service plan can be any depth and cover almost all aspects of car maintenance.

How it is arranged in the UK

For clarity, let’s consider a few examples. And let’s start with the easiest for a hundred and for their customers. They are very understandable to car owners and from the service will not require serious preparatory work on the integration of additional business processes, financial statements, etc.

RAC (Royal Great Britain’s Royal Club) conducted a study and, in particular, found out that 75% of motorists make no reserves to pay for their vehicle services, moreover, more than a quarter of motorists pay more than 200 pound sterling for one annual service. According to the results of its research, RAC has formed 18-month and 22-month service plans:

• Cars are ranked in engine volume, regardless of whether they are gasoline or diesel;

• Only registered vehicles up to 3.5 tons (private or commercial use);

• only for citizens of Great Britain;

• without deposits and hidden payments;

• All work is performed only on admitted (ominated) royal car clock.

In addition to works and spare parts, the value includes an annual technical inspection (in the UK it is carried out by authorized by special station bodies).

The list of works and inspections includes all major regulatory operations and including replacing filters, engine oil, ignition candles, etc. with relevant spare parts.

The subscription offered by the Independent Garage Association (Independent Garage Association) through the TRUST My Garage network is more flexible, but constructively more complex. The car owner is drawn up on a special Internet portal, after which it receives ample opportunities for managing its repair plan and account. It can configure or change the amount you want to have, and control all transactions on the account; Add or remove registration numbers of vehicles covered by the plan; Install individual transaction limits for each specific vehicle.

But the main difference is still in the fact that both the total amount and monthly payments may vary, and payments can be suspended at any time depending on personal circumstances, or, for example, when the owner of the car believes that the money is enough to cover any Unforeseen or scheduled costs. After the program participant has created its fund, it remains accessible at any time in a hundred to which the car is attached. It can be spent on regulatory, for repairs and spare parts, or leave on a black day.

However, it is impossible to make money for other needs from the account, although it can be closed when a person is pleased. True, it will mean way out of the program.

Well, in the process of using the score, with each accessing service after full or partial payment for services and / or spare parts, the car owner must sign an invoice to authorize the payment. In addition, he receives an email confirming that the money was written off from the account.

And some more important points. In the case of 5 years of inaction, the account is automatically closed, but all the funds accumulated on it are saved. This money does not accrue interest (as, for example, by bank deposit), but also participation in the program for the car owner is absolutely free.