For whom they free the place on the former joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ? More and more evidence of the upcoming Renault move from the capital.

According to the third thread of the main conveyor AvtoVAZ «drove» the body of the car Chevrolet Niva. This means that an updated SUV, which will now be with the Lada Scheldik company, not a Chevrolet cross, will move to the head venture.

This only confirms with the high probability of rumors that the machine assembly will soon be transferred to the AvtoVAZ conveyor.

According to the testimony of the LadaOnline portal (this is an unofficial portal), on the third thread, the Body of Niva has been driving yet without assembly. Thus, the coming conveyor change for Niva is not far from around the corner and apparently happens next 2021.

As you know, at the end of last 2019, AvtoVAZ completely bought out the share of the American auto giant General Motors in a joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ, which since 2002 released CVROLOLET NIVA SUVs. This enterprise will be reluctant at the very beginning of the 00s, when the domestic automaker was an engineered SUV, but there was no financial resources to organize its release. This SUV was ready to come to replace the old «Niva», which now has the designation LADA 4×4.

The American AutoGinger entered the partnership with AvtoVAZ and created a joint venture, but the new «Niva» was chevrolet under the contract.

Now the fate of the model is completely in the hands of the top management of AvtoVAZ. It has already been decided that the current summer of Chevrolet Niva will be Lada Niva and will undergo a small restyling. And now there are stubborn rumors about moving to another conveyor.

The fact is that from the very beginning of the conveyor life of Chevrolet Niva is released on a separate enterprise, the investment in which is invested by an American partner. Its production capacity is 98 thousand SUVs per year. It is located next to the factory territory of AvtoVAZ, and is quite closely connected with it. All stamping, engines and transmissions come from the head plant.

But rumors that the assembly of cars will soon be transferred to the AvtoVAZ conveyor, it has a real rationale for himself, and not only because of the information according to which the body of the body of Niva is «driven» in the third thread.

And the reason is simple and it is called optimization. Today, as is well known, the Renault Group is led by all processes in AvtoVAZ. Let’s remember which events were implemented on domestic autohydrote when the enterprise passed under the control of French top management. If we remember that at the very beginning on AvtoVAZ, three threads of the main conveyor were built by a production capacity of 220 thousand cars per year. All the capacity of domestic auto giant amounted to 660 thousand cars «Zhiguli» per year.

But when the French top manager came, and the enterprise passed under his control during the growing demand in the Russian car market at AvtoVAZ appeared another production line on which Lada Kalina was produced. Its capacity is 220 thousand cars per year. Yes, in addition, the control of AvtoVAZ passed the Izhevsk Auto Plant, which today is called «Lada Izhevsk». Then it was decided from three threads of the main conveyor to leave two — the first and third, and the second to be superiorized to seize the nodes and aggregates.

The first thread of the conveyor moved to the release of cars of the Franco-Japanese alliance on the platform B0. From Moscow here in Tolyatti after modernizing the conveyor, Renault Logan / Sandero was transferred, and then mastered the release of Nissan Almera, Lada Largus and Lada Xray. The production capacity of the first thread increased from 220 to 350 thousand cars per year.

But the third thread of the main conveyor is a difficult fate. Back in 2014, it was upgraded in accordance with the requirements of the AIMS production system (Alliance Integrated Manufacturing System) of the Renault-Nissan Alliance to run here the production of the latest Lada Vesta.

But as a result, the release of the flagship model began in Izhevsk in October 2015. And the third thread was transferred only to the Lada Priora and Lada 4×4 assembly. Sadly, but the modern production line is not loaded. With the capacity of 300 thousand cars last year, only 39 thousand SUVs LADA 4×4 took place from it. Therefore, a run on the third thread of the Cevrolet Niva conveyor is not accidental. Transfer Lada Niva could increase the boot of the conveyor. But not essential. The market situation for Chevy Niva is not the best. So, last year, the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ released only about 20 thousand cars. And if the transfer to the third thread will be held next 2021, then a natural question arises, and what will the freed production facilities of the former joint venture be? They are considerable, almost 100 thousand cars per year.

There are no official information yet. But the likelihood is great that after modernization, the release of models will be established here, which are now going away from the conveyor of the Moscow enterprise Renault: This is Arkana, Kaptur, Duster and the related crossover Nissan Terrano. If AvtoVAZ and RENAULT GROUP will still come to this decision, and it does not have to doubt it, then the fate of the metropolitan Renault plant Russia looks foggy — an enterprise with a capacity of 190 thousand cars per year can fully stop its work. Or maybe the Renault Group have plans to download it by other models of the French concern?

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