The appearance in the model range of crossovers Renault Turbomotor TCE 150 with a volume of 1.33 liters caused fierce discussions among motorists of the country, which immediately divided into views on two opposite camps. The first, in every way approved the appearance of a new motor, pointing to the fact that it was developed in conjunction with the Daimler AG concern, and in Europe there has been a huge experience of their operation. There have been implemented more than 300 thousand such cars Mercedes-Benz and Renault cars, under the hood of which is TCE.

The second camp is categorical in rejection of the novelty, setting doubt on the reliability of the motor and regret that a 2-liter F4R veteran will be sent to the resignation. This part of Russian motorists would like to see a good atmospheric with a capacity of 150 hp and a modern six-speed automatic.

However, apparently, in Renault Groupe finally made a choice: for

The first surprise is that the new generation of Renault Duster in the Russian Federation will not enter the series and will not appear in the salons of autodiets in August of the current year, as provided according to the initial plans. Our channel has already reported that generation changes

Other information is that Russian Renault Duster will be an analogue of a crossover gathering today in Brazil. Our channel came to the Brazilian website of the French automaker and found that so far this model is completed with one 1.6 liter engine. But the previously repeatedly claimed Motor TCE 1.3 in the configuration of Brazilian «Dusters» is missing. Of course, it can be assumed that the reason for the delay of the formulation of a small age was a pandemic. As with the delay in the release of the new DUSTER in Russia.

But where surprises are pursuing Duster, and the surprise follows a surprise, so it is in Europe. Even the crown crisis does not suspend the introduction of more and more rigorous rules and requirements for environmental and environmental protection. In fact, in the countries of Europe there is a «undeclared war» against cars from the engine. Where even the most progressive motors are becoming victims. Their wines are that they pollute the environment. Under the distribution, the most progressive engine Renault TCE 150 was hit in Russia.

If we have a part of car enthusiasts, there is a qualitative characteristic questioned, the benefits of the old 2-liter Renault F4R motor, then in Europe, as it turns out, it is this power unit TCE pulls all the indicators of the Dacia Romanian automaker, which produces the second generation of DUSTER for car markets Europe.

Information that Dacia Duster will no longer be equipped with 1.3 TCE engines. According to the DUSTER resource, it will generally spread with an engine 1.3 TCE both in the 130-strong version and 150-strong. And the only gasoline engine in the ruler will remain a 3-cylinder volume of 1 liter. This engine has an index of the TCE 100, and he has already replaced the former 1.6-liter atmospheric of SCE on European machines. The All-wheel drive version DUSTER will remain only with a Blue DCI turbodiesel with a capacity of 85 kW. Here is such an irony of fate, for 13 years the car has achieved success in the European market, and now it must submit to environmental standards and cut their most popular versions. «Unfortunately, Duster made a bet on 1.3 TCE engines, which now break him neck. DUSTER with the most powerful engine (meaning 150-strong motor) throws up to 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer in version 4×4. To enter new standards, it must have an unreal 95.9 grams, «explains the resource Because of this, soon with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine will soon have to say goodbye. Here is such a struggle for ecology in Europe.

Thus, soon in the European model line, only a gasoline engine 1.0 TCE will remain. «And if you are interested in the car 4×4, then you will get it exclusively with Diesel,» adds an authoritative source of information from Renault Groupe.