The most popular and most sold car of the French automaker celebrates the 30th anniversary.

Three decades ago, he replaced no less popular hatchback Renault 5. Then the French concern left digital titles and reformed his nemine. Then Clio, Megan, which became the logical development of the Renault family 19. The Baby Twingo and Family Laguna appeared.

Since its inception in 1990, CLIO has always remained the bestseller of the Renault group worldwide — during this time more than 15 million cars were sold. A model that for decades over the course of the deceitful title of the French’s beloved car, in 2013 received a new status and became the leader in the segment in Europe.

Today, CLIO is a champion in the Renault line. According to the results of the last July, in the European market, he lost only Volkswagen Golf and went out in the amount of 25,054 copies, ahead of classmates Peugeot 208 (20 520 pcs.), Opel Corsa (19,902) and Dacia Sandero (19 219). Not to mention Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris and Lancia Ypsilon.

For many years, Renault managed to preserve DNA of this city car, which became the key to its success, and the fifth generation (at the top of the photo) inherited her main qualities. Becoming even more modern and sports, CLIO V retained the dignity of the four previous generations, which made this model legendary:

• Like the first CLIO, he received «all the best immediately.» For example, adopted technologies that are characteristic of a higher class car.

• From CLIO II, he received high comfort standards.


• From CLIO IV he inherited a bright design that inspired the entire model line Renault.

The fifth generation of CLIO has the title of the safest car in the class, this is evidenced by the highest assessment in the Euroncap rating.

Today, CLIO is moving forward and opens a new page in its history, offering an innovative hybrid technology E-Tech. As before, CLIO is designed to become part of the life of a person, offering the maximum options for comfortable trips behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, in Russia this car did not fit. It is remembered only sometimes when they tell the history of the creation

In other emerging markets, Renault Clio 4 generation is still popular. This model is released in Turkey at Renault-Oyak.