The Red Dot Awards jury honored the ACM 480 service device from MAHLE prestigious Award Red Dot Award Product DESIGN 2020. This award is one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design. The MAHLE A / C service unit received it for outstanding quality design in the new «smart products» metacategories.

The ACX 480 model is distinguished by modern and elegant aesthetics, as well as an ergonomic and intuitive management concept. With its help, the maintenance of air conditioning systems in auto repair shops can be carried out by 50% faster than usual.

«Mahle has more than 30 years of experience in developing air conditioning systems. When designing ACX 480, we paid close attention to the needs of workshops: simplicity to use, functional design and robust design capable of withstanding permanent loads under car repair shop. We are proud that our work is confirmed by such a prestigious award, «says Olaf Henning, member of the Board and CEO of Mahle Aftermarket.

«Smart» service


The wizard can continue to work with the car even while updating the software of the device — it will be held in the background via Wi-Fi. To save time, devices can be serviced remotely: workshops can get fast support directly on the device via Wi-Fi.

If necessary, the auto service can supplement its service equipment for autoconditioners with new diagnostic tools — for example, MAHLE TECHPRO ® or Brain Bee Connex from Mahle Aftermarket. They allow you to detect and eliminate malfunctions in electronics or air conditioning system, as well as check the status of the system and individual components. To better diagnose complex malfunctions, the system can also activate compressors, valves and fans.

About Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Design Award has existed since 1955 and is awarded in three disciplines: industrial design, communication design and conceptual design. Red Dot Awards marks the most notable world trends — from products, branded communications and creative projects to design concepts and prototypes. The projects marked with award-winning are demonstrated at exhibitions around the world and in the Red Dot design museums, as well as in weekly and online publications. In 2020, designers and companies from 60 countries of the world presented for the competition more than 6,500 product items.

An international jury, consisting of experts in various fields, has been going together for about 65 years to choose the best projects. The process of making a solution lasts a few days: members of the jury personally check all the projects presented to assess not only their aesthetics, but also selected materials, processing, surface structure, ergonomics and functionality. Only after intensive discussions, they decide on the quality of product design. Under the motto «In search of a good design and innovation», only the best projects receive a reward.