The French automaker PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) updates the model range of its new acquisition of the German company Opel.

He needs to retire as soon as possible, most of the models rushed from the GM concern. The reason here in low sales of cars with lightning on the radiator. If the updated Opel Corsa, created on the platform of the French group entered the top 10 European market, then Opel Astra, which is still based on the GM trolley, at the 45th place for the 4 months of this year. Cars that have taken from General Motors rapidly lose market positions.

Manufacture of the popular crossover Opel Mokka (his dorestayling version was sold in Russia and well known to our motorists) was discontinued in 2019. And only now a new generation is fully declassified, which is designed under the patronage of the French.

Opel Mokka is now a junior parckarter in the SUV family of German brand, so it affected the dimensions of the car. The step above is now worth the Opel Crossland crossover, its length is 4212 mm. Therefore, they must be divorced and the new generation of Mokka has decreased to 4150 mm. However, the car width increased by 10 mm, and the wheelbase is 2 mm (up to 2557 mm). The soles of the body have become noticeably shorter, the maximum wheel diameter has reached 18 inches, and Mokka has gained different, more «passenger» proportions.

Also, a second-generation parical minister has become the first brand serial model with a new design of the front. This style is called Opel Vizor, it is designed by a regular team of designers led by Mark Adams and was presented at the conceptual office of Opel GT X Experimental two-year-old. LED headlights (they are already «in the database») are combined with a radiator grille into a common block, decorated for a sumor of the helmet. The idea is also that electrical models such a solution will allow painlessly mask the deaf panel installed instead of the lattice. Subsequently, such a VIZOR will be all new and updated Opel models.

The Mokka-II was based on the PSA concern’s modular CMP platform, that is, the next relatives were Peugeot 2008 and DS 3 CROSSBACK parquets. The body has become tougher by 30%, but there will be no longer a full drive: the CMP architecture is simply not designed for it. But moving to a new «trolley» with reduced dimensions allowed to reduce the cutting mass of the crossover at once 120 kg! Although the transition to three-cylinder engines played the transition to three-cylinder engines, which, by analogy with the relative models of Peugeot and DS, will put on the basic versions, while the previous car had only row «four.»

The start of the production of the new Opel Mokka is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, European dealers will appear in early 2021. Following the electrical modification, for which approximately 35 thousand euros will be asked, more affordable gasoline and diesel options will be released. And subsequently, Mokka can get to Russia, although there is no confirmation yet. But all the conditions were removed that General Motors put on the French automaker — not to sell cars in the Russian Federation in which GM technologies are invested.