The Polish automotive industry has joined the global car industry over the last quarter of a century, while losing all its car brands. Now in Poland produces Fiat, Opel, Volkswagen, MAN, as well as a huge number of autocomponents. But the «Polish fiats», «Yelchi», «Olders» and other «polonesa» with «sirens» have been kanal. Today, only the only Polish brand «Solaris», manufacturer of buses, trolley buses, trams, and recently electricians are rejected. But soon the situation should change.

The appearance of electric vehicles caused a wave of new automakers and auto industry. This trend was opened and secured the success of the American automaker Tesla. Our Western neighbors remained away from the new-fashioned trend and very soon to such companies will add a project from Poland. No one has ever heard about him in our fenats. The new automaker Electromobility Poland (abbreviated EMP) is created by Polish energy companies. This year is ready to submit the first prototypes of electric vehicles.

Actually, Electromobility Poland has been founded in 2016 with such energy giants as Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Energa, Enea and Tauron Polska Energia in order to revive the Polish production of car brands. Poland today is the second largest market in Europe after Belgium without its own automobile brand. Therefore, they understand their desire to change the situation in the car market.

In addition, the company’s executives believe that the emergence of a new Polish electric vehicle will become an incentive for Polish suppliers of the automotive industry. Poland today has become the most important European manufacturer of autocomponents on the continent. In particular, there are engines of internal combustion, as well as nodes and components to them — exhaust systems, gearboxes, clutch, etc.

But at the same time, during the rapid development of electric car it becomes risk, because due to the transition to the release of a new type of automotive equipment, Polish plants can be closed. Therefore, EMP wants to convince Polish suppliers to produce components for electric vehicles. In addition, they can become not only collectors, but also developers, which always has a positive impact on the economy.

The first cars of the new Polish brand can be seen by the current summer. On July 28, an online presentation is planned, where the prototypes of two prospective models are presented — a compact hatchback and an SUV, which will be equipped with an electric drive. It is assumed that the SUV will be a prototype, over which still have to work designers, but the hatchback will already become a demonstration car.

While it is known that the first models of electric vehicles will be representatives of the compact car segment.

Actually, the serial production of Polish cars should begin in 2023 on a new designated automobile plant, which is not reported to localization. The first stage of the enterprise is designed to issue 100,000 electric vehicles per year, followed by an increase in power twice. EMP believes that in three years, electric vehicles will be sold at the same prices as cars with a regular internal combustion engine.

In the July event, in addition to two cars, the name of the new Polish autobrade will also be presented.

«This is fantasy that we have collected so many high professionals around the Polish electric vehicle. I am convinced that unique design and technical solutions that meet international standards will find recognition from our motorists, «says Emp President Peter Zaremba. Part of the technical solutions will not be their own development, the company recognizes that the development of its own platform is costly and for too long. Accordingly, part of the solutions will be purchased from the external manufacturer, which is until the secret.

The Italian-Polish team works over the design of electric vehicles, headed by Tadeush Jeliec, a designer with many years of experience in Jaguar.

«The goal is to design a car for a certain group of motorists, first of all this is a family car. Such a car will not be associated with an aggressive ride, rather, on the contrary, «adds Jelts.