As you know, Volkswagen Passat is called a car for respectable burghers. But, it is also known, some love jogging. For a long period, the Passat CC (Comfort Coupe) in the interpretation of the German concern became the last length of Passat, and as you know, the first swallow of these experiments became Passat CC (Comfort Coupe) in the interpretation of the German concern.

Having lived on a conveyor for almost 10 years, the comfortable coupe of the Passat CC decided to replace the new model and rebuild it from «Passats». The Volkswagen Arteon became the replacement (the name of the flagship VW Phaeton was cut and removed, and Art was added to his place — art). The fact is that the merchant sedan Volkswagen Passat CC on a global scale was not so popular. The chief «puncture» was that CC was not far from the usual «Passat»: similar design, close size, the same equipment. An attempt to correct the situation was undertaken during restyling, and in most countries the car even changed the name on the Volkswagen CC, in order to distance themselves from the mass source of the car for the Burger. In particular, another body type was tried on the car: if the Passat CC was sedan, then Arteon is a five-door liftback.

Today it became known about the planned update of the model. It was combined with a serious expansion of the range of modifications: they appeared a wagon, a hybrid and «charged» Arteon R. Agree, further detuning from Passat continues.

The appearance of the updated Arteon has changed non-empty, individual details will not allow a new car with pre-reform. The larger version has changed the basic version: it has new bumpers, rear lights and font of the model name on the stern.

Wagon Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake is almost no different from the basic liftback. Yes, and in terms of practicality, it is not very surpassed. The volume of the trunk under the curtain is 565 l against 563 liters. With a folded rear sofa, the trunk volume increases to 1632 liters, although there is an advantage of the wagon (plus 75 liters to the Lifterbeck indicator) dubious.

Gamma engines for Europe will consist of gasoline turbocharging 2.0 TSI of varying degrees of force (from 190 to 280 hp) and two diesel engines 2.0 TDI with a capacity of 150 and 200 «horses». For consupporting environmental friendliness, dieselkers got upgraded systems for urea neutralization of SCR and the Adblue solution injection: engineers claim that the level of nitrogen oxide emissions managed to reduce at once by 80%. The basic 150-strong machines are the six-speed «mechanics», but the other versions, as before, are equipped with a seven-step «robot» DSG. The option is a four-wheel drive.

In the list of security systems, the optional quasia autopot TRAVEL Assist appeared. It is capable of working at speeds up to 210 km / h and is an adaptive cruise control, able to recognize signs, keep the car in the strip, to brake independently and accelerate after a complete stop, as well as navigate in road repair areas, where such systems often flow into the stupor . Increased from 90 to 170 degrees, the angle of the limit review of the rear view camera will also facilitate the driver’s life slightly.

In Europe, the sale of updated elefbecks and universal will begin in the fall. Prices are still unknown. As for the Russian market, it was only recently recently recently recently recently reached. Apparently, the start of sales of the updated model will be delayed. Now the prices of Arteon in Russia begin with 2 million 639 thousand rubles.