All new and newest details of the RESTRUCTION RESTRUCTION plan of the Japanese automaker Nissan are opened. Officially, they will be confirmed only on May 28, when his presentation will be held. But today a set of highly cardiac events, which will change the entire structure of the Japanese autocontraser have been identified. For us in Russia, two components are important in it.

Naturally, such plans for business restructuring are primarily aimed at reducing the cost of the company.

He must help the company return profitability after several unprofitable years. This process, however, promises to be long. The company pursued a goal for many years to occupy as much as possible market share, but this strategy was not crowned with success.

Recently, Bloomberg’s publication reported on some details.

For us, Russians there are no reason for concern, since cars of this Japanese brand are produced in Togliatti in AvtoVAZ, and Datsun’s own production base in Russia is not. Therefore, it is nothing to close.

A careful reader can ask about the fate of the new crossover Datsun Magnite, which recently appeared in the open base of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property. Recall that in March, the name Datsun Magnite was registered in the FIPS. According to preliminary data, such a name can be used for a new compact crossover, which should debut in the summer of 2020.

Previously, Nissan belongs to

Also, sources report that under the threat of closing the European enterprise Nissan, as such an object is called Nissan Automobile Plant in Barcelona. This information is confirmed by the Japanese Nikkei News Agency.

The production volume that is currently performing the factory in Barcelona, distribute between different partner plants.

In Russia, you can breathe with relief, the plant «Nissan Motor Manufechchuring Rus», located in St. Petersburg, no one touches.

In accordance with the previous medium-term plan, Nissan planned to «trim» production facilities about 6.6 million cars per year from 7.2 million. The newly provides for the reduction of capacity to 5.4 million cars, and the company will focus on the USA, Japan and China markets, and will gradually minimize their activities in countries with developing economies, including India. But the Infiniti brand will be updated and will receive additional investments.