The company «AKOM» is the leader in the production and implementation of batteries in Russia — continues to actively expand its presence in the market of automakers.

At the end of last year to the domestic market

Currently, two models of cars — Zafira Life and Vivaro are available at the factory in Kaluga, and 100% of the needs of these brands in batteries provides AKOM. The decision on the choice of the supplier was adopted by the concern, taking into account the positive experience of working with AKOM on logistics and quality of delivery in 2019.

Currently, the total share of the Supplements «AKOM» on the automotive plants of Russia exceeds 50%, that is, every second car, coming from the country’s autopringe conveyors, is completed with the Zhigulevy battery. Wherein

Currently, the production capacity of the AKOM plant is 3.5 million acb per year, which makes it possible to fully ensure the need for all consumers of the Russian Federation, both on the open market and on the conveyors of automakers, even with the complete termination of import deliveries of AKB. At the same time, the company «AKOM» not only offers a huge variety of products, but also on the site specially created on the territory of the plant is ready to work at the request of the client, and, it is, it is, to quickly develop and produce batteries according to individual specifications, including carrying out Small edition.