Brand Huco


Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp GmbH

Hitachi offers the widest range of markets:

The widest range of relays and blocks of control of the glow of diesel engines. Almost 130 relays and blocks under the Hüco brand for


Details of sensory systems

Spare parts, the demand for which will grow rapidly. (Every year, Hitachi’s car conveyors only supplies more than 20 million air consumption sensors. The share of Hitachi in OE — 40%.) The manufacturer develops and offers this program also the free market of spare parts. In assortment: air flow meters, camshaft sensors, crankshaft, sensors ABS, pressure sensors in the intake manifold, speed frequency sensors — all more

Starters, generators and components

Already 35 years old Hitachi and Hüco are known as

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