No one expected such turning events. However, the prerequisites and certain

The new strategic plan of the company in a serious financial situation gives the start of active work for his survival.

Nissan will leave the car market to Europe to focus on the key markets for its USA, Japan and China.

This is reported by the Reuters Agency. According to his information, the new operating plan will be represented by the company on May 28.

The company’s current policy, aimed at preserving the market share in the United States, was crowned with failure. The company is forced to seriously dumping, which leads to the reduction of the brand.

The new three-year plan provides for updating the model range and restoring relations with dealers to increase competitiveness. Another line of plan is to reduce competition within the alliance. Nissan and Mitsubishi focus on rechargeable hybrids with a small bias on the Asian markets of China and Japan. Renault will in turn concentrates efforts on completely electric cars for the European market.

However, future efforts in three key markets do not mean full care from Europe. Two popular models can be left here — JUKE crossovers and

But for us Russians it is important that this plan does not provide for departure from the Russian car market. The company will try to offer more adapted models on each of the minor markets that are in the greatest demand and generating the greatest earnings. Apparently, the plant Nissan Motor Manufechchuring Rus will not closed.

Recall that today Nissan offers exclusively

However, it should be noted that the sale of Nissan cars in Russia last year decreased by 20%.

Japanese partners of the Nissan and Mitsubishi Alliance will suffer huge losses, so the decision on folding in the European market looks logical. Today it became known that following the results of the fiscal year (he ends in Japan on March 31) Mitsubishi predicted profit of 5 billion yen (about $ 47 million), 26 billion yen losses are expected (about $ 235 million). Nissan, co-owner Mitsubishi and an alliance partner with Renault, is also waiting for losses in 95 billion yen. The reason is the same as the rest — for March global sales of Nissan fell by 42%.