Restyled Mercedes-Benz E-Class was to become a star of exposure of the German automaker at the Geneva Motor Show. But autobiolen was canceled due to a dangerous virus. Therefore, familiarity with the updated car happened in the Internet space.

But we are interested in such a fact. As you know, in the village of Esipovo, the Mercedes-Benz plant was built in the Moscow Region in the Moscow region, and the key model was just an E-class. Will the updated «Mersections» fall on the conveyor near Moscow?

Updated Mercedes-Benz E-Class began to produce at the Daimler plant in German Sindelfingen. The first copies will get to European buyers in the summer. The assembly of restyling sedans will be applied to the company in the near Moscow company in ESIPOVO. But the universals to the Russian market will import from Europe.

The design of the car «Refresh» thanks to the new design of the front part of the body with changed headlights, the blocks of which practically lost the visual separation into two parts in the style of the former generations of the model. Also changed plastic body kit, and amg versions «inverted» the grille of the radiator. The sedan has changed most seriously: he has new lights with additional sections on the trunk lid. And the updated universals are easiest to distinguish the «dotted» LED drawing of the rear optics.

In addition to famous Dvigunov, a two-liter turbocharger M254 (272 hp) and three-liter row Turbosters M256 (367 hp) have appeared in addition to famous Dvigunov (272 hp.) and 180 nm.

Rechargeable hybrid versions with an additional electric motor, which gives 122 hp And 440 nm, not going anywhere, and in the gamma of the E-class there will now be seven, since this electric appendage will now be available for gasoline and diesel sedans and universal, both with rear and full-wheel drive.

The cabin also did not cost without updates. First of all, a new steering wheel with double side knitting needles, as well as option wide displays of a virtual dashboard and a media system with a diagonal of 12.3 inches each. In the configurations, the screens are 10.25 inches in their place, and the traditional «tidy» with analog scales after the update finally disappeared, although it used to be only available only in the basic version.

Also before the E-class finally got a new Mercedesian multimedian MBUX with advanced voice control, which before that appeared almost on all models of the brand.