Two news came from the French automaker RENAULT. The first thing about the ways on the roads of Moscow was noticed by a camouflaged new Renault Duster crossover. It means. That the car passes the final tests before putting it to the conveyor of the Moscow enterprise Renault Russia. The car was separated on the Volgograd Avenue of the Capital, it was there that there is an assembly plant of the French.

«Each model has its own life cycle, DUSTER is a great success and sell well. Once we, undoubtedly, will update it,» —

Indeed, the leaders of the Moscow office of the French company repeatedly noted that after going to the sale of Renault Arkana crossovers, and then updated Kaptur (by the way about yesterday they sell in the car dealerships of the brand dealers) next

Rooting the Camouflated Duster on the capital’s roads, and there can be no doubts, since this model is guessed under the film, Renault specialists are completing the operation of the aggregates and electronic systems of the new car. So, the car will soon stand on the conveyor of the Moscow enterprise.

Paparazzi managed to consider new bumpers, other design diode optics and radiator grille on the test car. Inside, the instruments panel and the center console were almost completely changed. And in the cabin, the new steering wheel and ventilation deflectors, as well as an upgraded multimedia entertainment complex.

As part of the adaptation for Russian crossover will also receive a whole scattering improvements. In particular, an enlarged clearance migrated suspension, including other dampers and springs, and the package warm options. Also n it is possible that the Duster will have an enhanced platform. But apparently, in addition to well-known H4M engine (113 hp), «Duster» will get the turbo engine from Renault Arkana. Motor line is likely to be repeated like an updated Kaptur. But the 2-liter 143-horsepower engine is unlikely to appear in the updated version of «Duster». Policy for the French automaker power units has already been demonstrated in the two previous updates, leaving the obsolete production 2-liter engine, by the way, quite voracious, it hardly makes sense.

When the new Renault Duster appears from dealers, while it is unknown. The most likely early term is the end of the year.

Another news is that the French brand Renault disvented from the possibility of release and sales of the CLIO model in Russia. From the Moscow office of Renault came a comment from the Russian representative office of Renault, in which the press service of the brand stated that the brand does not plan to establish the «Clio» assembly in Russia, as well as sell this model: «

Everything is clear and clear. Our channel has recently analyzed the possibilities of sales of a car popular in Europe and came to

The day before it became known that the Togliatti autohyda tests two hatchback Renault Clio in a climate installation. Machines entered the company about two months ago. AVTOVAZ NEWS community suggested that Renault plans

This hatchback model is expensive, and the sales experience of Ford Fiesta and other hatch showed, there is no market prospects. The car is based on the B0 budget platform, but on modern