Engine repair is a comprehensive task that requires a comprehensive understanding of the engine work process. And the new product from Schaeffler Ina Engine Kits fully meets this requirement. Currently, Schaeffler offers comprehensive solutions to replace all parts of cars of passenger cars, whether the drives of the valve mechanism, gas distribution, additional equipment or cooling system — the cause of the malfunction often lies in one of these subsystems. Despite the fact that these components are located in different parts of the engine, they directly interact with each other. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the car, Ina Engine Kits kits already contain in one box exactly those details that need to be replaced, which will allow car services to avoid difficulties with the search for the necessary spare parts. Schaeffler offers six options ina Engine Kit, each under a specific car model. The needs of motorists are growing, which is why we are constantly expanding our range.

For example, the Ina Engine Kit kit for the JTD engine with a volume of 1.3 l (FIAT) and 1.3 L CDTI (OPEL) consists of the components of the chain drive and the valve system with all the necessary related parts. «A faulty THM drive chain, in the event of a gap or slipping on the gear teeth, leads to damage to the valve mechanism drive. Among other things, due to the engine design, there is a danger that roller pushers will break or get into it, «Dr. Robert Felger explained, head of the department of product development and research of the Automotive Aftermarket division of Schaeffler. — That is why we strongly recommend replacing all the components that interact directly with each other, regardless of which part of the engine they are. A complete replacement protects against hidden damage and guarantees the durability of the repair. «

Schaeffler experts offer a complete range of INA brand spare parts for the repair of the entire engine. An additional advantage is that these repair solutions include links to the necessary tools and specially detailed repair instructions that can be found on the online portal RepXpert