The car cluster of St. Petersburg is increasingly called the second automotive capital in Russia. Against the background of conversations about the loss

Recall that over the past two decades in the Northern capital and its suburbs built automotive plants of such leading world manufacturers, as

Nevertheless, it is these two clusters that — in St. Petersburg and Kaluga became the symbols of the new car industry of Russia.

True, in 2015, and then in 2019, alternately, two American automakers decided to still leave the Russian market and now two assembly sites are looking for buyers. Nevertheless, the plants remaining in St. Petersburg work fairly stable and even build promising plans.

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In second place in the degree of loading of production facilities in the Russian automotive industry

It is not so effective in terms of the use of production facilities (56%) factory «

Nevertheless, these three pillars of the new Russian auto industry have plans for their development and deepening localization. So, the other day Korean automaker

Gosstroyadzor of St. Petersburg issued «Hande Via Rus» LLC for the construction of a plant for the production of engines. The plant will be built by November 2021.

«To build a new manufacturing facility, the developer provided the necessary package of documents, which is required in accordance with the Urban Planning Code. The plant will be located on Levashovskoye highway. The planned deadline for the construction of November 22, 2021, «the agency reports.

The report notes that the project provides for the construction of the building of the production building with a total area of 35,184 square meters. m, PPP buildings 96.84 square meters. m, as well as buildings test engines of 1,132 square meters. m.

Recall, Hyundai intends to build a production plant with a production capacity of 330 thousand engines per year, the volume of investments will be 12.7 billion rubles. The construction of a new plant will create about 500 jobs. All this information was declassified by the portal.

True, in the original plans of the Korean automaker, the power of the enterprise was indicated by 150 thousand motors. Most likely, in addition to the previously declared atmospheric motor 1.6, known by Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio in the enterprise can be mastered by the release of another engine. We will have to wait for official statements.

Judging by the declared manufacturing area, the engine plant will be analog