An image of an SUV as a car with a powerful engine and a large litter is formed. But, in fact, statistics do not confirm this stereotype.

Today, as is well known, crossovers and SUVs occupied half the Russian Federation. And they do not always correspond to the image of a car with a powerful and volumetric power unit.

In Russia in the first 4 months of 2020, 217.8 thousand were sold

Statistics on the number of car class SUV-B at the car market is presented in this infographics. In the group of crossovers with engines in the range of 101-150 hp Hyundai Creta leads, when 21,103 units were sold in Russia for the reporting four months. As you know, the motors developing power 121/123 hp are installed on this model. and 149.6 hp

But the second largest group is SUV equipped with a capacity of power

Third place in crossovers equipped with engines developing power

We also add that in the first four months of 2020 the Russians acquired 8066 units. SUV S.

Another 4044 crossovers and SUVs with motorcycles from


In the same period, buyers purchased 78 new SUV equipped with power engines