The Japanese Mitsubishi brand even in the crisis is popular with Russian car enthusiasts. In the first six months, 11,608 Russians became the owners of new cars with «three diamonds» on the radiator. True, it is necessary to state that the brand loses its position in the Russian market. The fall was higher than the average market.

What will happen next, will the famous brand of coquitance cars of Rally Paris Dakar from Russia? Such issues today are asked by many admirers of Japanese motor vehicles, since the French-Japanese Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi distributed the regions of the world on the responsibility areas between the participants. Our channel, after contacting the readers, disassembled in this matter. And that’s what we managed to figure out.

As you know, at the end of May, the strategy of the French-Japanese Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance was introduced and published. Members of this union of automakers decided to divide the zones of influence, at work in which each of the participants would focus. As you know, Russia went to Renault Groupe. But the third participant of the Alliance,

It is South-East Asia, or ASEAN countries, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Indochina countries — Vietnam, Laos. Here will be a «patrimony» Japanese company. But at the same time, Mitsubishi will also not chase their activities in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), in the Middle East and in South America. But it will be a second order zone.

But here Europe, USA and China are non-priority markets at the moment. And even on the home market in Japan, the Pajero Manufacturing plant is planned to close, which produces the same name SUV, which will not be a direct heir.

From Europe, the Japanese brand will gradually leave. The fact is that it has decided to freeze the update of the European Model Line.

But we still are interested in the question: will the Mitsubishi be «gently» to leave Mitsubishi from Russia?

As you can see on the map, the territory of our country is shown in a «gray zone», as well as neighboring Ukraine. That is, there are no obvious interests of the Japanese automaker in our territory. However, Mitsubishi crossovers sell us well and three models today are in the top 25 SUV of the Russian car market. Recall that for the first half of this year is sold

In response of the Russian office Mitsubishi Internet portal said: «In the Russian market, Mitsubishi Motors sells products developed and adapted for our market, mostly Outlander and Pajero Sport, and the Russian market has a huge potential for the growth of SUV segment cars — so We are confident that the new medium-term plan is positively affecting the development of our business. «

From which it follows that from the Russian market they are not going to go away in the near future. Well, if you look into the register of special confact stages (SPIK), where all agreements are located with automakers of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the following promising models are stated in the production range of the Japanese company, which are indicated as MID SUV and Compact SUV.

So Russia, although not a priority market for the legendary Japanese brand, but its future is not so gloomy as it may seem at first glance.