In the XXI century, the mechanical transmission for many car owners seems outdated. The age of «automata» came unconditionally, and more and more people, especially in the context of rich city traffic, prefer the ACP to save their own strength and preserve attention when trips. However, the «mechanics» fans do not become less, and the QUESTION OF QUALITY MAKE MCP remains as urgent. This is especially true for clutch, which usually «suffers» more than other mechanical transmission elements.


Mechanical transmission has a number of undeniable advantages:

• simple design, easy to maintain and repair;

• reliability and unpretentiousness;

• Excellent sense of control over the car;

• Cars on «Mechanics» are always cheaper than on «Automat»;

• «Mechanics» more economical «machine», fuel consumption is 10% less.

But if the clutch assembly is faulty, there is a mass of technical problems: difficult, fuzzling inclusion of gears, stroke, power loss, grown odor when moving, uneven force on pedals. And the sooner the driver fix it, the less chances suddenly stand in the middle of the road.

Repair technique In this case, one is the replacement of worn or failed spare parts. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting is a time-consuming process, so the replacement of worn items should be made comprehensively.

For example, when critical wear of the slave clutch disk, you need to replace all clutch elements: disk, basket and frosting bearing. Their resource is not enough for a full cycle of operation with the new slave disk, and soon you will have to shoot the box to replace these parts.

In their clutch kits, Lynxauto specialists took into account all the wishes and technical requirements for automakers and car owners to the clutch.

• To increase the wear resistance and smoothness of the clutch operation, organic friction mixtures of the slave disk linings and the diaphragm springs of steel corresponding to the JIS G4801 standard are applied.

• Nonlinear change in force on the petal springs of the clutch basket retain the force on the clutch pedals unchanged, regardless of the node mileage.

Depending on the configuration, a slave clutch friction disc, a clutch basket, clutch clutch and other parts of the node can be presented in the Lynxauto clutch kit. Also a separate novelty of 2019 from Lynxauto steel hidralic clutches of clutch.

Hydraulic clutch shutdown

The hydraulic clutch shutdown system was first serially applied on vehicles in the early 90s and allowed to achieve maximum smoothness and accuracy of clutch. The absence of numerous details involved in the transfer of effort from pedal to clutch made it possible to increase the resource of the system, and due to the use of hydrolynes, it was possible to resolve the layout of the engine compartment.

• Lynxauto hydraulic bearings pass 100% tightness testing, which prevents the possibility of fluid leakage in any, even the most rigid, operating conditions.

• Sealing of thermo- and wear rubber, effectively protects the node from clutch frictional wear products.

• The heat treatment of the working surface of the stubborn ring provides increased wear resistance when interacting with the petals of the clutch basket and an enlarged resource.

When quality in priority

The most popular criteria that affect the preferences of mechanical specialists are still quality, assortment, cost and warranty. In addition to the 2-year warranty on the clutch, Lynxauto gives an extended warranty — when the warranty case comespensates the cost of the transmission parts and their replacement.