Cooperation and cooperation with the Chinese partners of enterprises of the Republic of Belarus becomes close and filled. This was especially brightly presented at the military parade, which took place in Minsk on May 9, and was dedicated to the Victory Day. The fact that during the passage of military equipment, the announcer, commented by samples, repeatedly mentioned that this type of weapon was created in collaboration with Chinese enterprises and partners.

Belarusian automaker Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) is no exception. If in past years, during the Unified National Economy Complex of the USSR, the MAZ was closely attached to the Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YAMZ), and the Minsk trucks were completed with the power units from the banks of the Volga, then after the collapse of the USSR and the planned directive economy, the enterprise had a choice. In the motor compartments of the Belarusian cargo and

At the show of the technique dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War,

This new four-axle model MAZ-651628 (in the photo) is equipped with a 12-liter diesel engine «MAZ-WEACHAI» (Weichai Power) WP12.430E50 (P6; 430 hp; 2060 N · m). Gearbox — to choose from: fast gear 12jsdx240ta or zf 16S2520to. The full mass of the dump truck is 44.800 kg. Load capacity with a 21-cm P-shaped platform — 28.500 kg; With U-shaped — 29.900 kg.

However, in response to the question why MAZ chose a Chinese manufacturer into partners and demonstrates an increasing amount of equipment equipped with Chinese by the origin of power units, the following logic is traced. Today, MAZ needs to expand sales markets, since the orientation is only for one market of the Russian Federation, the capacious, but too volatile, that is, subject to sudden drops, is a certain risk. Moreover, in the inner Russian market, KAMAZ uses the most favored regime, with which, in recent time, Maz did not have mergers. We will not deepen in this topic, since the interests of the parties were too different. Since then, the Belarusian automaker has been conducting multi-vector policies.

So, in the first quarter of this year, the MAZ increased product exports to foreign countries by almost 2.4 times. «The geography of the plant’s exports is very extensive. The cargo, passenger and special technique of MAZ is in demand in many regions of the world, including the Middle and Far East, Central and Southeast Asia, the countries of the African continent and Latin America, were noted at the press center of OAO MAZ. — The growth rate of production of products to foreign countries for the first quarter amounted to 238.2%, given that the deliveries resumed after a long interruption. «

This also applies to such a question as equipping cars by power units. If KAMAZ bet on the aggregates produced on their own capacities and at the capacities of the created joint venture «

In similar conditions, the Minsk Automobile Plant, in the absence of its own engine production, as part of the diversification of suppliers, made a bet on a large Chinese manufacturer.

Recall that in November last year, the joint venture «MAZ-WYSHYA» was launched. The construction of the plant began in April 2018. The company will still lead a small-sized assembly of motors that meet the standards of Euro-5 and Euro-6 for trucks, specialists and buses. Production capacity with a single-shift mode of operation will be 10 thousand engines per year, with two-day mode, it is possible to increase it to 20 thousand engines per year. The joint venture will provide the needs of not only the Belarusian car industry, but also will be able to supply products to the markets of the CIS countries and far abroad. In particular, they are trying

In addition, in July last year, the Great Stone Industrial Park has begun to build a Belarusian-Chinese plant for the production of mechanical transmissions. To manage construction and the future plant, a joint venture was created — Fast MAZ LLC. Its founders made MAZ and the company Shaanxi Fast Gear, which is part of the Weichai Holding. Despite the creation of a new production, Minsk motorwooters do not refuse the engines of Yaroslavl production.