From the largest domestic producer of freight equipment regularly appears information about the implementation of the new generation KAMAZ project.

Of course, pleases a high-quality breakthrough of the Kamsky automaker to new technological solutions. The release of modern equipment, which to some extent becomes a competitor for trucks of a large «European seven» marks the new stage, as once five years ago, a new stage began in the car industry with the release of the first kamaz. However, an important factor is the internal competition in the Customs Union market (TC), association of States of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Our channel decided to find out if there are competitors in the new generation of KamAZ? And here to what conclusions we came.

First, the domestic automotive plant «Ural», which swallowed under the wing of the United Engineering Group (OMG), the owner of which is Dmitry Strezhnev, is preparing a competitor. At last year’s exhibition ComTrans-2019, the Urals showed the prototype

If the new «Ural» is traced inheritance from the old Iveco cabin, then the K5 dump truck is a new generation and differs from the cabin tractor KAMAZ-54901. It is short and less in height; It is already 200 mm, she has a shortened radiator grille; A completely different bumper (metallic, of three parts to simplify repair); shortened to the height of the door; Open steps (at the same time lower steps on a flexible suspension); The main optics and fog lights are closed with protective lattices. In general, the cab is fully adapted to operate in difficult conditions.

And what about Minsk?

And they have in the line of fifth generation models also have

MAZ-6501M7 dump truck with wheel formula 6×4 appeared a year later in 2017. It has a Mercedes-Benz OM 470 (Euro-6) engine, which develops the power of 428 hp, aggregated with the mechanical 16-speed Daimler G230-16 gearbox. Load capacity — 20.9 tons, full weight of the dump truck 35.000 kg. Dumping platform with a volume of 20 cu. m.

It is noteworthy that according to the ABW.BY resource data, the serial production of the fifth generation of Minsk dump trucks has not yet begun. The dump trucks are still in the form of pre-production samples that have passed all the tests, but not yet inserted to the main conveyor.

Some more lucky Maz-5440m9 Minsk trunk tractor, its first serial specimens have already set off to carriers. There is a second modification of the new generation tractor — MAZ-5440M7. The main tractors of the fifth generation MAZ are equipped with the latest row «six» Mercedes-Benz ecological standard EURO-6: either 10.7-liter OM470 with a capacity of 360, 394 and 428 hp (The corresponding models received indexes M5, M6 and M7), or 12.8 liter OM471 with a capacity of 448 and 475 hp (respectively, M8 and M9).

The first to the Minsk Automobile Plant launched a tractor with the most powerful versions of two Mercedes-Benz top motors: MAZ-5440m9 with 475-strong OM471 engine (maximum torque — 2300 nm) and MAZ-5440M7 with 428-strong OM470 (2100 nm). Constructively, these engines are similar: they have two top camshafts in a common head for all cylinders; drive timing gears from the flywheel; four valves on the cylinder; «wet» sleeves; durable steel pistons with a polymer coating of the skirt; Asymmetric turbocharger.

MAZ-5440M7 received its own automatic 12-speed Mercedes-Benz gearbox model G230-12 New MT, which can work in fully automatic mode or manage the driver manually using the switch on the steering wheel.

For the price of Maz, a slight advantage. However, the service contract is also included in the price of KAMAZ. As Rustam Shamsutdinov, Deputy General Director of PJSC «KAMAZ» on sales and service: «KAMAZ offers not just a car, but a comprehensive business solution that includes a service contract for a period of three years. The service contract includes service and spare parts, which will allow users to reduce the total cost of ownership by the car. «