Air-conditioning compressors play a much more important role in hybrid and electrical vehicles than in cars with internal combustion engines. That is why the importance of service of air conditioners increases, opening new features — and new volumes of work for auto repair shops.

Air conditioning compressors are located in the center of the system. They regulate the comfort of air in the car’s cabin and control the temperature, probably the most important component of the electric vehicle transmission — its batteries. The fact is that the correct temperature of the traction battery is crucial for its service life, as well as charging speed and electric vehicle stroke. Electric vehicle drive and its strength electronics also need cooling.

This state of affairs has changed the role of the compressor in the system. If earlier he answered only for comfort in the cabin, now it is an important transmission component, protecting it from faults and ensuring the safety of the car.

Electromobiles should use electric compressors, since the use of wedge belts as a drive (as in internal combustion engines) here is not possible. At the same time, such compressors are ideally suited for hybrid vehicles, as well as vehicle cars, since they are able to work «on demand», and not in constant mode, thereby reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

«The extended functionality of the air conditioning compressor in electric vehicles and» hybrids «leads to a higher status of servicing air conditioners and, consequently, to an increase in service in car service,» says

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