From January 1, 2020, BEHR HELLA SERVICE changes its name on Mahle. This means that since 2020, customers will receive from one hand all the spare parts for the temperature regime control systems under the BEHR brand belonging to the MAHLE global brand, as well as equipment for maintenance and diagnostics and other MAHLE service services.

Why is the topic of thermal control so important for future car services?

The thermostat is an essential technology in any car, regardless of the type of drive. In internal combustion engines, it increases efficiency, and in automobiles on electric motors, the temperature regime control is a determining point in ensuring high power and the required stock of the stroke, as well as the basis for a long service life of the traction battery.

Therefore, complex thermostat is one of the main conditions for the further development of electric vehicles.

With the acquisition of Behr Hella Service, Mahle Aftermarket has become a full-time provider in the field of thermostat services and therefore can provide comprehensive support to consumers.

What happened to the trade name BEHR HELLA SERVICE?

Since 2020, the trade name BEHR HELLA SERVICE GMBH no longer exists.

Now the company’s products are sold under the brand

• Premium Line includes Behr, Akg, Visteon products and other manufacturers of original equipment — this is the perfect solution for sale for customers who strive for the better.

• Standard category products also have excellent performance and are an economical solution with an excellent value for money.

Is it still possible to order products of BEHR HELLA SERVICE in old and familiar numbers of articles?

In 2020, it will be possible to order products with previous numbers. At the same time, new article numbers will be introduced corresponding to the MAHLE numbering logic.

Both numbers will be included in orders, overhead, MAHLE invoices and technical documents. In the near future, the articulas Behr Hella Service will refuse their place

What details and solutions in the field of temperature control makes MAHLE Aftermarket?

The assortment of MAHLE Aftermarket includes:

• Thermostats

• Switches

• Sensors

• Air conditioning compressors

• Salon filters.

In addition, the company offers an extensive diagnostic program and equipment for car services.

What products were supplied by BEHR HELLA SERVICE?

Behr Hella Service supplies equipment for cooling engines and air conditioning, offering products such as:

• cooling system radiators

• Advance air coolers

• Heat exchangers

• Expansion tanks

• Water pumps

• Oil radiators

• Fans

• Visco® couplings and fan clutches

• Capacitors of air conditioning system

• Dryer Filters

• Expansion valves and throttle tubes

• Evaporators

• Oils for air conditioners compressors and compressors themselves.

Will Mahle be the same high availability of goods at the level of 95%?

It goes without saying that in the field of thermostat, the company seeks to provide deliveries in full, as in the case of other products of MAHLE Aftermarket.

This is possible due to the extensive experience and high logistics efficiency MAHLE Aftermarket.

What will be with BEHR HELLA SERVICES services — such as maintenance and convenient support service?

Mahle Aftermarket offers customers worldwide comprehensive solutions and customer competence. This refers to both the existing product line and to the thermal control system.

In addition to spare parts and equipment for tested quality for auto service, the company provides technical training, repair and maintenance information, an electronic request system, annual thermostat campaigns, and other events.