The profile ministry supervising the Russian auto industry intends to develop a separate public support program for autocomponent manufacturers. It will stimulate localization of car production, as well as export components. This was announced by the director of the Department of the Automotive Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Denis Pak on the online conference «Sberbra». Our canal has repeatedly appealed to

«We are aimed at creating a separate program, individual support measures for autocomponent manufacturers, which will additionally stimulate both production and export of various auto components, because the main value added in the production of the car is in the production of autocomponents,» said the official.

He also clarified that the creation of a program for supporting joint projects of localization of autocomponents is constantly discussed by both automakers and component manufacturers. «I agree that without additional attention from the state, without additional measures to support the state, manufacturers of autocomponents themselves — both Russian and foreign — will not be able to effectively invest in the deepening of localization and in the creation of production facilities,» he stressed.

As previously clarified in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, such supports such as subsidies of R & D and interest on investment projects are already available for component manufacturers. Currently, the ministry worries the possibility of applying new support tools for manufacturers of autocomponents in the form of FRI grants to implement integrated investment projects.