The premiere of Lada Largus FL (Facelifting) should take place on the Moscow Motor Show.

At the upcoming Moscow International Auto Show, which will be held in August, in the Metropolitan Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo», the main exposition is always held by the largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ. Now we learned the answer to the question: what exhibit will be central in the company’s exposition. The premiere of Lada Largus FL (Facelifting) should take place on the Moscow Motor Show.

We add that the serial production of the updated model will begin in the fall, sales start in the late 2020 or early 2021.

Today, the details of the update of this is a very popular car, which we are in a hurry to share with the readers of our canal. The main Russian newspaper recognized about them, in addition they told our insider sources. There are no images of an updated car yet, so we share what I managed to portray RG.

The biggest disappointment is that the X-style of the new image LADA did not become universal, for all models, but applied selectively. Let us explain on the information received, the side panels of the car will remain without x-shaped e-mails, like those who are known by Lada Vesta. Although, in principle, without a X-style designer of Steve Mattina, the car will not leave.

The updated Lada Largus FL should try on the front part of the body in the branded X-style. The head optics is borrowed from the Renault Logan Community (with the exception of DRL LED tape).

Change bumpers. The front will be from Lada Granta, and the rear will be copied from Lada Vesta. The wagon will receive a radiator grille with a large LADA branded logo in the form of a rook, and two lamellae, the shape of the hood and front wings will also change. The model will also equip the «wester» side mirrors and a new regular antenna on the roof. The former will remain the fifth door, but the rear lights will be original.

According to our insiders, the updated Largus will receive a completely new interior. A front panel appears in the cabin, similar to Renault Duster, original door cards with black decorative moldings and the same overlays of the closing handles. Seats, armrest, steering wheel, instrument combination, central tunnel, climate installation unit, audio and multimediasystems are unified with Lada Xray Cross.

In addition, the universal can be equipped with a rear view camera, rear and front parking sensors. Finally, the central windows block moves to the driver’s door and each door, respectively, will have its own button of the window. Options will be available heat glass heating, rain and light sensors. According to unconfirmed data, Largus FL will receive a disclosure key from Lada Vesta, alloy wheels and side moldings of a new design.

In technical terms nothing will change. Engines and boxes will remain the same. According to insider information, the factory addresses the issue of the release of Lada Largus with a 1.8-liter engine (122 hp) VAZ-21179. A 122-strong unit still at the development stage was calculated to implement on Lada Vesta, Xray, directly Largus and «Niva» of the following generation.