KAMAZ consistently expands its model range and captures new cargo market segments. This time, the dump truck of the new family of KAMAZ «Samson» with a lifting capacity of 60 tons. Our channel disassembled for what competitors will hit the novelty.

The largest Russian cargo equipment manufacturer Kama Auto Hygant first introduced a career dump truck with a full weight of up to 87 tons and a load capacity of 60 tons. This five-time truck of 11 meters long received his own name «Samson».

I wonder who will be competing a stone dump truck? If we take a lifting record, then Samson is comparable to the models of the Belarusian family of BelAZ-7555. However, the truck from Belarusian Zhodino is somewhat wider and shorter.

You can also recall on foreign dump trucks presented as leading global manufacturers of such equipment and niche players. So, the Swedish Scania has a range of career machines, including a five-way model (it works like carboh). Another Swedish producer Volvo has 5-axis Career versions of FMX. The domestic Tonar also has a dump truck, but less lifespan.

And now more about KAMAZ-65805 career dump truck 10×6. He was declassified during the recent visit of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov on Kamsky Automobile Plant. It is assumed that the novelty will be part of the super-heavy truck line «Samson» with a carrying capacity of 50-70 tons.

The difference between the Russian truck from BelAZ is that its overall width and height comparable to ordinary Kamaz. BelAZ-7555 with a lifting capacity of 55 tons two times wider and 0.6-0.7 meters above. In turn, the length of KAMAZ-65805 just over 11 meters is 2.15 meters more than Belaz. Such dimensions of Samson will allow you to exploit a car on public roads. He also satisfies the requirements for the load on the axis.

Load capacity 60 tons — a record for KAMAZ dump trucks. At the moment, the most roomy dump truck is a four-axis model 65801 with 8×4 wheeled formula: such a car can carry up to 32 tons of cargo.

The Samson family is positioned on KAMAZ as special transport, which will be manufactured for special orders. However, the design is as unobed as possible with other kamaz: a sixteen-cellular truck equipped with a shortened cabin K5, identical to ordinary dump trucks.

It is assumed that the truck will receive a system of autonomous movement, that is, can work on careers in unmanned mode. However, traditional management bodies on the dump truck will continue. It is expected that the KAMAZ-65805 will put a new row six-cylinder 550-strong turbodiesel (Series 910), developed in conjunction with Liebherr.

However, during the visit of Minnikhanov, other new novelties were lit on KamAZ. In particular, electrical trucks. The press service of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanova showed the prototypes of KAMAZ electric trucks on official images. Two «environmentally friendly» chassis got into the photographer’s lens — long and shortened. No technical details; According to the KAMAZ electric car architecture similar to Mercedes-Benz Eaktros.

Judging by the photo made in the Scientific and Technical Center PJSC KAMAZ, the Chelny Autohyda develops at least two chassis options for electric trucks with a wheel formula 4×2. Look, in the background you can see a short-savo-53198 short, which, according to the portal Avtospravochnaya, will serve as the basis for garbage superstructure. According to the publication, the carrying capacity of the electric garbage truck will reach 7 tons,

Until officially, KAMAZ does not disclose the technical characteristics of electrical trucks. It can be concluded that the K4 generation cabin is used on the «battery» chassis, traction batteries have liquid cooling, and their layout is similar to Mercedes-Benz Eaktros trucks. However, it does not go to copying a speech: the design of the Russian truck is different from German.

The problems with which the KAMAZ will have to be encountered in the development of electric goods are known: heavy batteries are too expensive, in addition, they reduce the lifting capacity, and with the batteries of a small capacity of critical low stroke.

However, in this experimental direction of clean trucks, all the leading manufacturers of a large European seven — Daimler, Man, Renault, Daf, Volvo work, so Kamsky auto giant should be kept with time.