Given the rapidly changing conditions for the use of cars, today automakers are looking for advanced solutions from suppliers, which will reduce the time and costs when implementing them. This is one of the reasons why the flexible specialized integrated circuit for direct use of Delphi Technologies (Diflex ASIC or Diflex) was selected as the AUTOMOVE NEWS 2020 PACE premium laureate.

Diflex ASIC radically changed the existing order of things. This is one of the best electronic fuel control solutions available today, it can satisfy the cumulative requirements of automakers in capabilities and cost. Its excellent flexibility and the possibility of diagnostic control of direct injection optimize combustion and increase efficiency when emissions reduce. Compared to previous generations of integrated circuits (IP), Diflex provides:

• 20 percent reduction in design costs;

• 25% reduction in the complexity of the software;

• tenfold improvement in the flexibility of the injector control;

• Increased diagnostic capabilities three times.

«The engines will still flourish for many years both on ordinary and hybrid power units,» said Rick Duch, CEO of Delphi Technologies. «Diflex is an incredible improvement for our customers, since it provides additional opportunities to increase fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions. We have the honor to be awarded Pace Award, and I am proud of the teams of our engineers, their innovative spirit and unchanged commitment and purposefulness in solving the most complex tasks of our customers creative and innovative ways. «

Global requirements for increasing fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions lead to the need for constant innovative developments to create cleaner and efficient engines. Often, the secret of increasing the characteristics of the system lies in the plane of electronics. In the meantime, the technology developed slightly, achievements were needed in hardware and software to improve flexibility, diagnostics, durability and performance, as well as cost reduction and all this before the appearance of Diflex.

Diflex uses a unique electrical architecture that allows you to generate a practically unlimited number of forms of control signals or electrical signals to optimize the operation of the injector to the combustion process, which is in the heart of each internal combustion engine. The patented Diflex functions allow it to keep up with changes in the engine technology without the need to replace the engine control unit (ECU), as well as improve the accuracy of the diagnosis in real time, during the entire service life of the car. The result is a microcircuit that can provide emergency flexibility with software, without the need for hardware changes.

Flexible and adaptable design also means that the same microcircuit can be used with gasoline or diesel engines with any number of cylinders or configuration, from light passenger cars to heavy commercial trucks. This allows automakers to cover several engines in one hardware solution, which provides significant savings due to scale. Its extended diagnostics makes it possible to accurately determine the fault locations and identify problems at the time of their occurrence. These extended functions are the key to ensuring accurate fuel supply for optimal engine operation and reduce emissions during a long time.

Over the past quarter of a century, the AUTOMOTIVE News Pace Awards awards were awarded only to suppliers in the automotive industry for significant innovations, technological improvements and a high level of production. The AUTOMOTIVE News Pace award is awarded by a group of independent technologists and is recognized as a world as a symbol of innovation in this industry. The winners were awarded for their achievements on a special online ceremony on April 28, 2020.