The coronavirus pandemic and the financial crisis that followed him was reflected in the car market. However, after removing restrictions, in almost all cities of Russia, experts expect rising prices for cars from official dealers. According to forecasts, all prices will increase due to the fact that the dollar rose to fifteen percent — reports

In addition, it became known that only in two weeks June prices for their new models increased eighteen automotive companies. At the same time, one can expect a large number of discounts that are still the only way to increase demand.

Experts are confident that the car is more profitable to buy in the summer, since the prices will increase, and the current discounts, as well as government programs, can decrease or completely disappear.

It is interesting that according to the Avito Auto study, during a pandemic in Russia, premium-segment cars aged three to five are very popular. The amount of sales has grown by seventeen percent compared to the beginning of 2020 and sixteen percent compared to the same period last year.

Interest in premium segment is caused by the fact that during a pandemic, many wealthy people decided to invest in the purchase of a car, because the price of them decreased.

Continuing about the premium segment, it should be noted that most of the demand falls on Moscow (almost a quarter of all inquiry). The top 3 cities also include Krasnodar and St. Petersburg (eight percent for each of them). As for the average cost of premium used machines, it amounted to almost three and a half million rubles. Interestingly, it is twelve percent more than in 2019.

In the meantime, the state supports the development of recreation in Russia. The Government of the Russian Federation has developed the «Affordable Rent» program, during which it will subsidize to a quarter of the costs of purchasing carcardes with carcharging companies. It is about the fact that the government will provide a discount on an advance payment under an operating lease agreement. Its size will not exceed twenty five percent. In addition, this discount will be available to citizens and entrepreneurs who work under a simplified tax system, as well as companies that provide carcherling services. An important condition for the implementation of the program is to use cars of domestic production.

«Affordable rental» will help to implement up to fourteen thousand vehicles of domestic production. According to the media, in leasing, you can take a vehicle of any type, the maximum discount for passenger cars is three hundred fifty thousand rubles. For the class «Light Commercial» discount will be more — to half a million, and for all other machines — nine hundred thousand rubles.