Korean automakers returned to familiar practice. Despite the most difficult situation in the car market, Korean automakers will regularly bring new and restyled models to Russia. Why Korean automakers go against the trend when other autocompany reduce their presence, our channel was dealing.

Hyundai does not change plans to bring new models to the Russian market in 2020. This was stated by the managing director of Hende Motor CIS, Alexey Kaltsev. He noted: «

Meanwhile, already in May, Hende Motor CIS plans to index the prices of cars of brand in the Russian market. «If we talk about price increases, I will not voice the numbers, but I will say that it will take place in May, and it will be insignificant. We do not plan and are not going to mathematically playing the course fluctuations. But we have a large number of components coming from other countries, so, of course, we are dependent on the course. However, not 100%. Since we have localization, we are quite confident now we feel, but still have to do this adjustment, «said Kaltsev.

From the above, it follows that

Recall that in 2013 it came to the Korean brand

But this is what attention does. If you look at the list of new products, then this is not the most popular model in your classes. For example,

Hyundai Elantra is a new sedan, already seventh generation. And if we have a bunch of Creta / Solaria in our market, then in other markets, first of all, the family of Elantra / Avante is the most massive HYUNDAI family: since 1990, more than 13.8 million cars have been sold worldwide around the world, of which 3 , 4 million settled in the United States.

Elantra again changed the image. It is still a sedan with a separate trunk, but the silhouette will become more dynamic — with a shifted lounge, sliding the roof line and a strongly littered back glass, smoothly turning into a short tail of the luggage compartment. Koreans, it is clear, risk, such a «conveyed» car can not become massive.

Hyundai Palisade also does not pretend to the title of the most massive. The car came to the change of the Grand Santa Fe model. The crossover will come to us with a big delay: the Korean market Palisade has been published more than a year ago, and in the USA, local vehicles have appeared last June.

Also Hyundai is actively promoting its premium brand Genesis. He first acquired the first crossover, despite the fact that there are already three sedans in the gamma. The new Genesis GV80 is classmate BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz Gle classmate. The length of the Korean crossover is 4945 mm (23 mm more than that of the «X fifth»), width — 1975 mm (minus 29 mm), height — 1715 mm (minus 30 mm). Wheel base — 2955 mm against 2975 mm at BMW. Later, a new generation G80 will arrive.