Coronaryar spoiled Turkey’s plans to become a leading automaker in Europe. The German automaker Volkswagen refused to build plans for a new automobile plant in Turkey. The reason for such a decision was the decline in demand at European and Middle Eastern car markets.

Turkey today is one of the largest car manufacturers. In addition to companies

Last year, the German automaker Volkswagen considered several countries to localize their new production plant not only

How it became known to the Agency DPA, German Automotive

According to the representative of the concern, from today’s point of view, the additional production facilities of VW are not needed. The plant was supposed to produce Volkswagen Passat cars, as well as Skoda Superb. Instead of the factory in Turkey, according to Automobilwoche automotive edition, an additional amount of models can be made at a concern factory in Bratislava (Slovakia), or

Recall that Volkswagen on preliminary information planned the construction of a plant in Turkey with an investment volume of more than a billion euros (26.7 billion kroons). At the factory, approximately 4,000 people should have been working, and the production capacity is 300,000 cars per year.

The plant in Turkey was intended for the production of cars and covering growing demand in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But this year the demand dropped sharply around the world due to the coronavirus crisis. Volkswagen last month announced that his global sales from January to May on the annual terms fell by almost 30 percent to 3.089 million cars.