Japanese by origin Engine HR16 (H4M) today has become the hope of not only the largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ, but also its partners in the Alliance. Our channel disassembled why the power unit took such a weighing position.

Today, the main engine emerging from the assembly conveyor of the AvtoVAZ engines manufactured by the VAZ-21129 of domestic development, the volume of 1.6 liters, which develops 106 hp It is established, in fact, to the entire model line of automobiles of the domestic automaker. In addition to him, AvtoVAZ produces other models of domestic development (21179, 21127, 21126).

But since 2015, a modern Motor of the Franco-Japanese HR16 Alliance (H4M) appeared in the manufactured gamma. When Renault Group decided to localization, it was laid that in perspective, new AvtoVAZ models will be equipped with this unit. At first it was. Novelties of the main domestic automaker — Lada Vesta and Lada Xray, published in 2015 had such an aggregate in the engine compartment. True, that year there was a two-time collapse of the Russian car market. And since cars with this alliance aggregate were more expensive, then the demand for them was meager. Therefore, after a while, these new items became equipped only with motors of domestic development. To the idea, to equip an alliance engine, returned a little later, when demand came to life, and cars decided to equip the stepless automatic transmission CVT (Jatco JF015E). Sales of this version of Lada Xray Cross started on July 22 last year. And in the fall began sales and similar to the configuration of Lada Vesta.

What is the fundamental difference of localized to the release of an alliance force unit, in comparison with the motors of domestic development? All serial modifications for the front, full and rear-wheel drive cars LADA with the cast-iron cylinder block. In turn, a new localized 1.6-liter engine with aluminum.

Officially, the HR16 engine assembly or the Renault H4M classification started the batter with the launch of the new VAZ hatchback Lada Xray in May 2015. In addition to

It is noteworthy that until 2016 the motor was actually overseas. The main nodes, blocks, the aggregates were supplied with foreign enterprises. However, in 2016 and later, large-scale work was carried out on the localization of an alliance motor. In domestic facilities began to produce a crankshaft, the casting of the cylinder block and the head of the cylinder block began. As a result, localization level increased to 60%. Subsequent localization work and attracting domestic suppliers raised an indicator to 80%.

It is noteworthy, then an assembly and other French veteran is being built on AvtoVAZ — 1,6-liter K4M motor, which can be found under the hood of Renault Logan / Sandero. However, he may soon resign. However, although we will not get ahead.

But the prospects should be told. The fact is that in neighboring Turkey also has a large branch of Renault in the city of Bursa. In mechanical production in the Turkish branch Renault-Oyak is also assembly of the HR16 motor (H4M). Here we produce cars of two generations of the 4th and modern 5th model Renault Clio. Also in the production range wagon Clio Tourer. The Turkish enterprise is the only one in the world where the Renault Megan sedan is produced.

But this is what’s interesting if the price list of official Turkish dealers of Renault, it will be discovered that under the hood of these models you will not find a French veteran K4M or our acquaintance H4M (HR16). In models for Turkey, cars with gasoline units 0.9tse (90 hp), 1.0 SCE (72 hp), 1.0 TSE (100 hp) and now familiar to us on Renault Arkana Power Aggregate 1.3 TSE (130 hp) on Renault Clio. And on the Renault Megan sedan a few more power 140 hp

This Turkish example shows which way the production can develop in Russia, in AvtoVAZ. Not in vain, when there was a signing of a special flowract

However, according to the experience of similar localization of the Nissanovsky engine HR16 (H4M), it is necessary for this «pool» of cars manufactured in the Russian Federation, the market for the motorcycle market. Today, the HR16 motor (H4M) is formed. In addition, it can be exported to the Renault-Oyak Turkish plant (for a number of emerging markets) After all, the Turkish enterprise is the largest exporter in the economy of the neighboring southern country.

In the meantime, the TCE150 continued the «pool» in the Russian Federation is formed. In addition to the Moscow coupe, Renault Arkana, the next model will be

But all this is the case of the near future. And when it comes it is still unclear, because we have already seen the initial plans may intervene the crisis reality.

However, AvtoVAZ is preparing an upgraded atmospheric on the basis of its top engine 1.8 liters (VAZ-21179) and plans to increase its power up to 136 hp. Russian car market is very different from European and even from Turkish. And here the main domestic automaker should be ready for its answer. After all, it is possible that the way to the engine compartment of domestic cars Lada new TCE150 will be long, even in the light of the transition of the entire model line of AvtoVAZ to the Alliance platform.