High demand for Universal Lada Vesta is natural. Why this car became the leader, our channel was dealing.

At the falling Russian car market, a sharp decline began after 2014. After record practically 3 million sales of passenger cars in the Russian Federation, demand almost fell twice. Overseas automakers left nothing to do how to optimize the presented model ranks. Under the punishing knife, first of all, such types of passenger cars

However, today there is such an interesting fact: unsatisfied demand for wagons. Universals, or as we call them «sheds», the car is mainly for family people, and is also used by small companies from small and medium-sized businesses as a delivering car for employees and delivery of small batches of cargo. But it is precisely such cars with this type of body lacking our market. And this is not an allegation.

High demand for Universal Lada Vesta — Flagship

Under this, such models such as KIA CEED SW are a European wagon with dimensions of 4600x1800x1475, which is offered in versions with motors 1.6 L (128 hp) and 1.4 T-GPI (140 hp). There is also a Skoda Octavia wagon with dimensions of 4667x2000x1465. But the prices for them are higher. So, Skoda Octavia Combi is selected to 2 million rubles. Although once in the Skoda model line, we had a more compact Skoda Fabia wagon. These two wagons are not used in the Russian car market with attractive demand, although Korean is undoubtedly more accessible to Cech. But two domestic wagons are Lada Vesta SW and Lada Largus, on the contrary, just satisfy the demand of domestic motorists on this type of passenger car.

It turns out that during the first half of this year, Lada Vesta cars have become a «number two» in the Russian market, skipping forward Lada Granta. In total, Lada Vesta models were sold 42,615 pieces. And that’s what’s interesting. According to the Avtostat analytical agency, from this quantity, the Lada Vesta SW / SW Cross Universals accounted for 51%, respectively, the sedans accounted for 49% of the cars sold.

Also, only 27% of the buyers «West» (or every fourth) preferred the CROSS versions. Interestingly, among the universals is such every second car (50%), and among the purchased sedans «crosses» took only about 4%.

All these figures speak only that AvtoVAZ rate on the Vesta model in the body was justified by himself. Recall that in 2015, at the dawn of the production of Lada Vesta, the deadlines of the AvtoVAZ leadership sounded the beginning of the production of this car first in the body of the sedan, and then in the body of the hatchback.

Today, the model policies on the domestic AvtoVAZ «RULIT» RENAULT GROUP. And from the leadership of this company, management solutions proceed: what cars to leave in the model range, which are not worth betting, etc.

Recently, one of the leaders of Renault Group Nicolas Mor (ex-head of AvtoVAZ), responsible in the group for the Eurasian geographical region, noticed: «

The success of Lada Vesta SW, the success of Lada Vesta SW, most likely, is heavily associated with the lack of similar models in classmates from foreign automakers. It is enough to look at the German-Czech VW Polo and Skoda Rapid, they made a bet on Liftbek, and earlier on the Polo sedan. Korean

The Lada line has two more universal. We are talking about Lada Largus. «Largus» also has something to boast. In the first half of 2020, the model was separated with the result of 15,527 sold copies in the passenger version. Of course, the car did not slightly reach the vesta universal. But this is explained, because the mass production of the Facelifting version of Lada Largus FL will begin very soon. The second universal is

And a couple more numbers about the flagship of AvtoVAZ — Lada Vesta. As Aa «Avtostat» told, 85% of all realized «West» were equipped with

It is a pity that statistics are not given separately along the renicted Motor of 1.6 H4M, and it is credited to the overall result with Ladovsky 1.6.

The lion’s share of those who buys Lada Vesta still choose versions with mechanical KP (83%). But every sixth (17%) «seduced» to automatic transmission.