In the history of world auto industry, there are enough examples as one lucky automaker burst the assets of the other — less successful, and autohygoant appears on the arena of the car market. So, from the lucky Lower Saxon automaker from Wolfsburg, a huge Empire Volkswagen Group has grown, which joined the Audi, Seat, Skoda brands and a number of others. Today Volkswagen acquires Chinese Jac.

French Peugeot absorbed other less successful Talbot and Simka automakers, and also incorpor

But what is the question arises. For Amur, we have the largest Chinese car market in the world, on which 28 million cars were served before the crisis. Is it really at such a scale that makes up a third of the world automotive market, there are no absorption processes and the creation of alliances?

It turns out that we do not know anything about the processes that occur in neighboring China. And there in full swing there is a process of consolidation and buying foreign brands. By other things, it could not be, because the scale of the Chinese market should ever go to another level.

And the tone sets here

Soon the friendly composition of this automotive will replenish another automaker — the Chinese Lifan, which today was in a difficult financial situation. Company on the verge of ruin. In Chinese courts, approximately 400 lawsuits are considered from lenders requiring a concern about 3 billion yuan that when transferring to rubles is a sum of 28.5 billion.

And the market position of the Chinese Lifan is not at all shiny. In the Chinese car market, which has the highest potential in the world from 2015 to last year inclusive, sales decreased tenfold. As a result, the manufacturer dropped in the eighth tens of rated car market in the subway, that is, to the easiest of the list. According to analysts and specialists, the bankruptcy of this concern is not far from the mountain, and some predict that it will happen this summer.

The story of the Lifan brand, which began its history since 1992, is a success story and fall. Initially, the company was a workshop on the repair of mopeds with the number of employees in 9 people, and then became a noticeable manufacturer of motorcycles, and later passenger cars.

And here, according to the world information giant Reuters, which refers to three unnamed sources, the Chinese concern Lifan, at the moment being on the verge of bankruptcy, can receive financial support from the Avtohydricant Geely, considering the opportunity to take this brand under its patronage.

According to reports, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd is going to be the main shareholder of Chongqing Lifan Holdings Ltd, as well as invest a considerable amount of money in this concern. At the same time, detailed details of the prepared transaction are not yet voiced. Official representatives of these brands also do not comment on this information. According to the portal Reuters, the Lifan concern is going to offer restructuring of its debt to creditors with options, including the implementation of assets and exchange of debt for shares. Such restructuring can be completed in August.

At the same time, another source notes that the Geely concern after the «completion of the absorption» is going to postpone part of its electric vehicle assembly activities at the Lifan brand production facilities in Chongqing, which will have a positive effect on the local economy. Reuters writes that exactly a year ago of the debt of the Lifan brand has already reached a mark of 31 billion yuan, or approximately $ 4.4 billion.

So before our eyes in neighboring China are the processes of creating car giants. It is a pity that our domestic auto gygids are outside this trend.