The largest domestic manufacturer of commercial and cargo equipment KAMAZ seeks to declare themselves in all segments of the market and start producing all types of technology. We recently talked about

Today, KamAZ has undoubted progress in the field of production of bus technology. Mark Nephahas (subsidiary of the Neftekamsky Auto Plant) actually became the largest manufacturer

However, in the CAMAZ / NEFAZ buses segment of the Middle-class buses. And this is a considerable market where Liaz-4292 dominates today.

Recently, the press service of the Kamal Avtohygigant said that today in the Scientific and Technical Center, Kamaz tested the bus of the NEFAZ-4299-30-52 of this class.

This is a model of a middle class bus with modern exterior and interior design. It will be offered as an economical solution for routes with a low passenger traffic — the bus accommodates 72 people. NEFAZ-4299-30-52 fully complies with the State Program «Available Wednesday», which is aimed at the needs of people with disabilities. The model is equipped with an unpretentious in maintenance by the Cummins engine with a capacity of 185 l / c Environmental class «Euro-5», and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The equipped mass of the 9-meter bus — 8.1 tons.

The prototype of the urban semi-lingopal diesel bus Nafaz-4299-30-52 was first submitted to the public within the framework of the international exhibition «Comrtrans-2019» in Moscow. «In August, we plan to transfer to the NEFAZ-4299-30-52 for certification, after which the mass production of this model will begin,» Alexey Sergeyev said, director of the Passenger Transport Department of Passenger Transport.

Competitive segment

Why did KamAZ have decided to enter the market with the 9-meter model of the middle class bus? To do this, we will return 10-15 years ago. From about the middle of the last decade in this niche in many cities of the Russian Federation began

But back to numerous Chinese, which immediately as the team has begun to supply large batches of middle-class buses — Zhongtong, Goldendragon, Yutong and even with such a ridiculous name as Mudan. But the granted buses were a framework. To get to the front and middle platform, you need to overcome the step, which puts the cross to participate in the medium availability program. Yes, and today this tradition continues. Look at

The numbers say the length of the car. Capacity of this bus 71 passenger, the length is actually 9 meters. Moreover, the fancy elongated rear base platform is specifically designed to meet the principles of the «Available Wednesday» program. Recall that the Russian Federation in 2008 joined the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In 2012, a state program «Affordable Wednesday» appeared, from here and became possible the appearance of passenger low-voltage techniques.

But still until recently, the main bus of this class was MAZ-206.

Then I pulled out the Likinsky bus. Today in this class shows the Lyaz-4292 Lyaz-4292 model. Now this is the most popular Russian 9-meter bus model (see Table). And these are not empty words. For example, we turn to the program, which is carried out by WEB (Vnesheconombank), providing funds to buy new passenger technology. Such a program is implemented by the bank in the Tver region, for transportation in the cities of which 110 units of large capacity LIAZ-5292.65 and 315 LIAZ-4292.60 were purchased.

That is, the need for 9-meter buses was three times more than in large urban 12-meter large capacity. And this is understandable, because in the Tver region there are many small cities. Yes, and in the regional center — Tver, despite the destruction of trams and trolley buses, there is a considerable number of routes with a small passenger traffic. All this suggests that the niche of the 9-meter buses of the middle class is not filled.

In addition, we give an example of the Far Eastern capital of Vladivostok. Recently, carriers purchased a batch of 9-meter Chinese buses Yutong and bring them on the routes of the regional capital, with a capacity of 73 passengers.

So in time KamAZ noticed the empty niche. A few words about the new Kamsky bus. NEFAZ-4299 has a length of 8.9 m. Equipped with Diesel Cummins ISBE4. This is a row 4,5-liter «four». Diesel is well acquainted and quite widespread. This engine is unpretentious in maintenance, rather durable and has already taken root on domestic cars. Power setting 185 hp For urban bus middle class sufficient. The popular 6-speed automatic KP Allison T270R is aggregated, which is specifically designed for passenger transport.

Note that today the joint venture of the joint venture «Kamminz-Kama» produces

Also the buses interior has a traditional «amphitheater» from behind. This part of the passenger compartment leaves the steps up, as the leading bridge of KAMAZ-4297 is not portal type. The choice is simple — the traditional design more reliably serves on bad roads. In the base of the bus in the low-profil middle part there is a wide doorway (1245 mm). On the contrary, there is a spacious accumulative platform, a space for a wheelchair and an apparel for arrival is provided. The front door of a single-width of 650 mm wide is quite convenient on routes with non-intense passenger.