Recently, the domestic automaker AvtoVAZ goes a huge flow of information in which it is quite difficult to figure out. Our channel carefully studied all messages, analyzed them and made interesting conclusions.

In principle, nothing complicated to decompose the whole information flow «on the shelves», if you recall several fundamental facts about the largest domestic automaker.



Recall the words of the top manager: «There are several segments: Lada is located in lowland, in the SUV segment — Arkana, Kaptur, Duster, between them — a segment with Logan, Sandero, Lada Xray. The size of the market is large enough so that two brand is competed in it, … Therefore, it is impossible to talk about the cannibalization of two brands. » As you can see, it is mentioned clearly and clear.

And now from these basic positions and look at the information poured on the audience for the last month. Note that AvtoVAZ plans can be divided into near and promising long-term. The closest perspective includes the exit of updated models, more precisely, this year two.

On all the automotive sites, photos of the camouflaged Lada Largus cars were recently published. This model is preparing for Facelifting («face suspender»). Since the car is produced since 2012 and built on the Renault platform (B0) it is unified with a number of models. Therefore, it is not necessary to be surprised that the modernized car got the headlight headlights from the last generation Renault Logan and the panel with a combination of instruments, like Renault Duster. Here is such a unification.


Also, to the previously planned Moscow Auto Show, which traditionally takes place at the end of August at even years, a small overflow expects Chevrolet Niva, which became Lada — the golden cross on the radiator should change the branded rook.

Who will go to a new platform

But especially the message was taken out that the AvtoVAZ began to prepare the production of models on the new platform of the Franco-Japanese Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS alliance. The proof was made that on the company’s corporate procurement website, the selection of suppliers of a transformer substation for the task «Production of cars on the CMF-B-LS platform» was announced. Also in this «chain» is embedded in the fact that the Togliatti company «Steering Systems» (AvtoVAZ supplier) received a preferential loan from the Industry Development Fund in the amount of 192 million rubles for the implementation of a project for the production of a rush steering mechanism for cars on the Renault-Nissan CMF platform -B-Ls.

What is hiding behind this abbreviation? CMF-B-LS is a modification of the new Renault-Nissan platform CMF-B adapted to the markets of developing countries, the LS prefix means Low Specifications, that is, a simplified version.

Immediately in numerous information messages of automotive media about these events, it was described that the transition to the platform of the Franco-Japanese Alliance Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS creates promising Lada models, which promise to become sales hits — the next generation

First, do not say, but for what production line these substations are needed? Still, there are several AvtoVAZ sites. Recall, this is the main production building, in which two of the three threads of the main conveyor remained, on one of which cars are produced on the French platform B0 (Renault Logan / Sandero and Lada Largus / Xray). Next, this is a comprehensive complex

Secondly, it is necessary to take into account such a fact. Suitable by the end of the test created on the CMF-B-LS Alliance platform,

Considering that the current second generation Renault Logan / Sandero is available on AvtoVAZ since 2012, and experienced light facelifting last year, it is very inferior to competitors on sales in the Russian market such bestsellers as Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris, VW Polo and Skoda Rapid. And here is a lawsager question.

In addition, we take into account that the Lada Granta car is still the most massive and cheap offer in the AvtoVAZ line — the leader of the domestic market. And the transition to the new platform of the CMF-B Alliance platform (by the way on it is built

If the French really have plans to translate the model range of AvtoVAZ to the CMF, then the conditions for competition within Renault Groupe will appear, so to speak inner canibalization. What spoken Nicolas Mor.

Russia does not yet make cars on the CMF-B-LS trolley. The latest Renault models for the Russian Federation — Arkana and Kaptur II crossovers are built on the Global Access, or B0 + platform (this is a modernized platform B0 «Logan»). Soon the second generation DUSTER-II will be presented on it.

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