The leaders of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi developed a strategy that the share of joint projects and technology exchange will grow, in addition

As the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri specifies, it is primarily about combining efforts to develop new models of electrocarbers, as well as offline control systems for unmanned models.

By 2023, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi are planning to put four new electrical models on the conveyor: «Cars» of small and compact segments, as well as mid-sized and full-size crossovers.

In Russia, it is little concerned about, because the electric vehicle passes by the same seventh part of the sushi. But it is still worth paying attention to this part of the information.

It turns out that it is noted at the meeting, Nissan and Renault will be produced at their plants in Russia and South America a model from the ruler of the Alliance partner (i.e. Nissan — Renault cars, and vice versa)

The fact that the power of the plant Nissan Motor Manufechchuring Rus in St. Petersburg is involved by 52% (according to the data for 2019), and the Renault plant in Moscow is 53%, yes, in addition, AvtoVAZ, where the Renault Group has been hosting reserves (loading the Togliatti venue of AvtoVAZ 37 % In 2019), it is well known. So download the Nissan power models Renault, and, accordingly, the Renault models of the Nissan plant power in St. Petersburg, the idea is productive.

Only where to take them to take these running models, which in crisis Russia would use good demand? Remember, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Accurately under its conduct of Nissan issued an excellent model.

At the heart of the new Parquet, the platform V of the Renault-Nissan Alliance is based on it, for example, the current Nissan Note, Micra and Pulsar. And another surprise — Kicks will be equipped with an extremely atmospheric 1.6 (114 hp) in a pair with a five-speed «mechanics» or variator. Drive — only on the front wheels. The engine is released on AvtoVAZ. Here is one of the contenders for the Renault plant, or on AvtoVAZ. But this is just our assumption. It is still worth waiting for an official statement.

Recently, the main Russian newspaper has told the readers that the Nissan Kicks will install a 1.3 liter motor and a stepless automatic transmission. Does it remind you anything? Yes, it is ARKANA and KAPTUR. It is possible to assume with all confidence, the new Nissan will not turn Russia.