The energy storage system was created taking into account all customer requirements. In the process of collaboration, the specialists were continuously finalized and improved it, which as a result made it possible to obtain a unique result.

For convenience, the number of packages of the system was increased to 18, while the size and weight of each package became less and easier, which made it possible to arrange them where it is convenient for operation and optimally from the engineering point of view. Due to this, the maintainability of the system in case of unforeseen situations has greatly increased. Despite the large number of packs, we have achieved a high energy density of 135 VTC / kg of the entire system.

Especially for this project has been developed by its own BMS. It fully complies with the data transfer standard, while it can be parameterized and adapted to any tasks.

Another feature of the proposed solution is a complex algorithm for calculating the SOC parameter by applying the current sensors and high accuracy sensors, with a high frequency of sampling processing this information. Due to this solution, the real amount of energy obtained during charging or recovery and the electricity spent in the electricity is taken to calculate SOC.

Competences that were obtained in the project implementation process are a unique local know-how, which is also in demand in Russia and the world market. It should be noted that the cost of this system is within the framework of the generally accepted world prices in this market segment.

Director of Development of Hella LLC, Evgeny Kovtunov notes: «Today’s project is certainly a bold step that we have done together with our Belarusian partners. Having studied the proposals, the experience and competence of the modern market, we came to the conclusion that systems that absolutely accurately can meet the requirements of the customer. The MAZ 303 bus is a very successful car and keep all its advantages in a new electric office on this chassis was the main task of the plant designers, we, we put the maximum efforts for our part for the successful integration of the energy storage system into the machine design. I note that the authorship of the methodology, constructive and technological solutions, the algorithm of the full cycle of the Packing of LFP cells in the autonomous system — the merit of our Russian company. «

In the future, such energy storage systems can be applied in other projects. The value of the solution consists in the possibility of its rapid adaptation to the technical requirements of the customer, which is achieved through the localization of the development and production, as well as the flexibility and competence of our team.