Hella believes in unmanned driving

During the international exhibition of CES 2020 consumer electronics in Las Vegas, Hella and the American startup Oculii announced the creation of a strategic partnership for the development of highly efficient adaptable radar solutions suitable for both use of driving driving systems and unmanned driving systems. Within the partnership on the development of Hella and Oculii, they will apply specialized know-how and technological developments of both companies. In addition, Hella will be an investor of this strategic partnership through its venture investment company Hella Ventures, based in Silicon Valley.

A created by Oculii software to form an image using the Virtual Aperture of Virtual Aperture Imaging Software will help to further improve the technical characteristics of the radar sensors (accuracy, the action radius and data data) at lower costs. The main goal of the partnership is the integration of Oculii software technologies into Hella’s radar solutions with a frequency of 77 GHz. The first joint development of Hella-Oculii is planned to be launched into mass production in 2023.

According to the Chief Executive Director, Oculii Stephen Hon, «Hella has strong positions on the market and therefore is an ideal strategic partner for us. On the one hand, thanks to this partnership, we will be able to successfully implement our software solutions for the automotive industry, and on the other hand, in collaboration with HELLA, we will be able to withdraw the technology of radar sensors to the level of the future. Thanks to the combination of our know-how, together we will be able to offer customers highly efficient radar solutions that will meet the requirements for all levels of autonomy driving. «

Frank Petsnik, which is part of the Hella Executive Board in Electronics and is responsible for the work of the global center for the development and testing of solutions for automatic driving, so commented on the creation of a new partnership: «The history of Hella’s developments in the field of radar technologies is 17 years. Today we produced more than 30 million radar sensors. We want to further strengthen their positions in this direction. For example, after a few months, our new radar solutions with a frequency of 77 GHz will be presented on the market. In partnership with Oculii, we will be able to achieve even higher technological characteristics of our radar products, which will ensure a reliable basis for implementing the basic functions of the driver’s help system and transition to automatic driving technologies. «