The Chinese brand HAVAL declared an ambitious goal — to become the number one in the Russian Federation in the class SUV.

The production platform of the Chinese auto giant «Havale Motor Manufekchuring», working in the territory of the Tula region, will be engaged solely by the release of products under the HAVAL brand. Produce cars

Recall that the Enterprise Haval in the Tula region has earned the summer last year. Plant production facilities are designed to produce 80 thousand cars per year. Last year, the company has released a little more than 6 thousand SUVs and crossovers of the Chinese brand. Since excess capacity was formed, there were talk about the fact that the company intends to collect cars and other Chinese automakers. It was enhanced by the fact that in the neighboring Lipetsk region, the assembly of Chinese Changan cars was turned on, and the Circassian enterprise Derways, which was produced

Therefore, it was said that «Having Motor Manufekchuring» could produce cars of the Chinese brand Lifan at a screwdriver technology. Not excluded assembly of cars of Changan and FAW cars. It should be noted that these rumors were supported by comments by Great Wall representatives who have not denied the opportunity to produce other Chinese models at the capacity of the Tula company.

Today it became obvious that the plans were rethought, and the HAVAL concern, which became the leader of the Chinese segment of the Russian car market, has no reason to start production at its capacities of cars of other brands. At the moment, the HAVAL plant in the Tula region produces four crossover models: F7 and F7x parkers and

True, it confuses the fact that the Tula Enterprise Haval has not signed an agreement with the Government of the Russian Federation a special investment contract (SPIK), as other foreign automakers did, having received state support in the form of industries (compensation) for the walleb fee. This measure gives substantial financial relief and makes a slightly making business.

However, in the Russian office, Haval does not hide that to become a Chinese brand number one is only the first step. This was told by the press of this executive director of the brand in the Russian Federation in an interview with the main Russian newspaper, saying that the Mission had Haval — to offer people

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