Chinese brand HAVAL, the leader in the SUV class in the subway, updates and expands its model range. This trend leads to the fact that the Chinese brand will face competition with a very large number of models.

Today on the Russian market returned

Haval H5 went to the Russian market with a price tag from 1,099 to 1,349 thousand rubles. This is a little more expensive than UAZ with a 150-strong engine and «mechanics», which in turn has a price tag 886 — 1,178 thousand rubles. There is no more powerful engine at the domestic SUV, while Haval H5 has two configurations with forced to 177 hp. Mitsubishi turbo engine.

In the PREMIUM package, the interior is decorated with eco-skin, the seats were electrically regulated. In Haval, they focus on the off-road car potential. He has a four-wheel drive with «Razdatka» from Borgwarner, «Rama», 204 mm clearance and corners of the entrance and a congress at 24 degrees. Judging by the first reviews, the only thing that puzzles potential buyers is the appearance of the car. In such design, Haval H5 was presented under the Great Wall Hover brand as early as 2010 and soon appeared in Russia.

Our channel addressed the topic of this car to the Russian market.

But today, Haval stands on the threshold of export expansion. Its goal is not only the markets of developing countries, similar to the Russian Federation, but also more developed markets. And on them with Haval H5 — GW Hover products do nothing. Here you need a quality product. The first Haval approach to Europe last year brought a modest result: 110 sold HAVAL H2 in the markets of the old continent, and specifically in Italy. Therefore, a quality product is needed to promote the brand.

And Haval demonstrated such a parquetor, in the restyled G-Class style. The technical capabilities of the novelty are not yet voiced yet, while on the darkened photo, the inscription is visible as follows: «I am not H5». It is not yet known how this model will call.

This parquetor is unlikely to wear H5 name. Today there are information that the project is called B06.

Much resembles an updated G-class. Auto from the PRC acquired a similar pattern of head optics, as well as a radiator grille in the stylistics of the current G 500 / G 550, and the mirrors are spied at the cross from Germany. It is also worth saying that the message «I am not H5» hints that the concern wished to abandon the frame. There is an opinion that the basis for Haval B06 will serve as a modern architecture with the transverse location of the motor and the head drive. In the motor line, there should be turbo-tesoms with a working capacity of 1.5 and 2.0 liters, working paired with a preselective robotic box.

Salon Auto also declassified almost 100 percent. There will be a two-level electronic «tidy», as well as a fairly modern information and entertainment system with a rounded screen. Tizers also hint that the premiere of the novelty will be organized very soon. Perhaps this will happen this summer, and the beginning of sales in China will begin in the fall. In our country, you need to wait no earlier next year.