Unexpectedly sounded a long-awaited decision of the Japanese automaker Nissan on the care of the Datsun brand from Russia. Suddenly, because there was still a hope that the brand will continue its development and the Datsun Magnite crossover will appear in the model range. Expected because the deep analysis suggested that

«We will focus on the production of basic models,» have announced Nissan. — By the end of 2023, we completely stop the production of old models and trucks.

Why in Russia, understandable. After all, one of the oldest automotive brands of Japan — Datsun — was revived by the Renault-Nissan Alliance in 2012 for the markets of developing countries — India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, South Africa, etc.

In Russia, the brand officially debuted in August 2014 at the Moscow International Auto Show (MMAS). But in essence, Datsun cars in the Russian Federation are a lerated car Lada Granta. I remembered that when six years ago, the car was displayed on the market, marketers came up with such a chip for him. Like, he has «Japanese genes.» But sales results confirm that Granta is still much more popular than a similar car with a Japanese brand nameplate.

Recall that last year more than 135 thousand pieces were sold, and Datsun sales amounted to 22.4 thousand, that is, six times less.

The Datsun brand is finally spreading with Russia at the very end of this year, when according to the production plans of AvtoVAZ, preparation for the production of a new generation will begin

The Nissan manual has yet announced that it is only about the care of the brand from Russia. The company will continue to provide after-sales service and sales of spare parts for more than 130,000 Datsun owners through a network of authorized Nissan dealer centers. The guarantee provision policy will remain unchanged.