The American automaker General Motors loudly «slammed the door» in 2015, stopping the sale of chevrolet budget cars and closing its car assembly plant in St. Petersburg, on which the release of Opel Astra and Chevrolet Cruze was stopped. However, completely from the Russian Federation, the concern did not leave, leaving the sale of American large Chevy cars — TravelSe crossover, TAHOE SUV and Camaro coupe.

The General Motors attitude to Russia can be described as politicized. Today, few people recall that in 2009, Sberbank of the Russian Federation, together with the Canadian manufacturer of car components, Magna made a proposal to save the abyss of the European automaker Opel / Vauxhall. Grozny «No» flew to this offer from Washington! Although Chancellor FRG Merkel, and five German land leaders, where the main assets of Opel were not against. Even when, in the end, Opel three years ago was sold to the French automaker PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) Americans were banned from selling cars in Russia created on GM platforms. The French have full right to work in Russia with models only on their own platforms and technologies. Therefore, the Russian market still does not have in sales of Opel Astra, Insignia and other German cars of this brand. When these models move to French carts, then they can be seen in Russia. Here is such a fear of technology transfer.

But here the outdated GM technologies are no longer scary to represent on the territory of one seventh sushi. Sales of three budget models Chevrolet — Spark, Nexia and Cobalt started. They are re-available for purchase in Russia. The assembly of these models is established in Uzbekistan. However, now cars will be sold under the Chevrolet brand, and not the Korean brand RAVON (came to change Daewoo on the Korean market, where the GM-Daewoo company works).

In principle, these state employees are built on old platforms and development. Chevrolet Cobalt is designed in 2011 for developing markets at the old GM Gamma platform in the Brazilian division of the American automaker. Chevrolet Nexia (Aveo) generally leads its pedigree from the Daewoo Kalos car.

The official distributor of UZAUTO Motors in the Russian market called new prices: Spark costs from 720 thousand rubles, Nexia — from 700 thousand rubles. And Cobalt — from 750 thousand rubles.

Chevrolet Spark, it is Ravon R2, you can purchase with a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.25 liters with a capacity of 85 horsepower in a pair of an automatic transmission. Chevrolet Nexia (RAVON R3) and Chevrolet Cobalt (RAVON R4) are available with a 1.5-liter motor, which gives 105 and 106 horsepower, respectively and combined with a mechanical transmission.

Sales of Uzbek Chevrolet will be produced in a dealer network in Russia, which is formed on the basis of existing dealers and authorized General Motors service centers, as well as existing RAVON dealers.

Recall that the Ravon brand resumed the supply of vehicles to Russia at the end of last year, but the restart turned out to be failed: a little more than 600 cars were sold. For comparison, 15 thousand cars were sold in 2017, and in 2018 — 5,184 cars. Then Ravon, due to a number of difficulties, decided to leave the Russian market. And now a new return with cars with the golden cross Chevrolet. How successful it will be?

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