Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) became the world’s first automaker, which protected its OBD interfaces using a security gateway. Connection to interfaces It was possible only when using original FCA testers. For many auto repair shops and a hundred this meant problems

With access to the interface when servicing a car — the original equipment is far from all. However, Mahle managed to solve this problem.

Now FCA provides uninterrupted access to its servers to all users of MAHLE diagnostic equipment — for example, TechPro® (MAHLE) or CONNEX (Brain Bee). This is enshrined in a special agreement, which was concluded between MAHLE and FCA. Such a solution allows the auto repair shop to receive all the necessary information for diagnosis and maintenance at any time and without original testers.

Who is protected by FCA?

The security gateway was applied due to the possibility of third parties to access vehicle security functions through diagnostic and connection protocols. FCA immediately responded by introducing extensive security measures. The OBD interface can be read, but users cannot change or delete records.

How will the interface work now?

Changes in computer systems of vehicles were previously possible only when using original FCA testers. Now you can connect to the server and using MAHLE tools — for this you will need only to purchase an annual subscription with access to the FCA portal.

«All diagnostic additions will be available to use. Users will be able to work with their diagnostic MAHLE tool in normal mode, quickly switching to the FCA server to download the certificate required for certain service functions, «explains Yoachim Chanveyis, the EMEA sales manager in MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions.

It is important for MAHLE

Constantly expanding the product range and increasingly moving from a spare parts supplier to the service solutions provider, Mahle Aftermarket is already focused on changing mobility. The company that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020, not only has the necessary spare parts for service stations and wholesale trade, but also provides its customers with diagnostic tools, service equipment, training, as well as repair and maintenance information.

Thus, Mahle creates independent service stations that will not lose their relevance with a change in mobility types. Mahle is positioned as a strong partner at all stages of trade and service.