In the Size Class D Class D segment, two models are dominated in Russia today — Toyota Camry and Kia Optima. Much less popular with Hyundai Sonata and Mazda 6. But the most popular European representative of this class —

Nevertheless, such a weak market position of this family car for German bureers is not a reason not to talk about the fact that in the German concern they thought about updating this popular in Europe and in the FRG model. As the British edition of AutoCar, the new «Passat» will be released in two years. Also AutoCar adds that the novelty is marked into the premium segment and can get a completely electrical version. Well, this is not a sensation, now all new products in Europe go with electro-timers.

Volkswagen’s leadership gave green light work on the development of VW Passat of the ninth generation. But in the technical specifications it is indicated that the model will appear on the market in the new role. First, the next ninth passat should become more premature than the current generation machine, which turned out a bit boring. Secondly, the Passat will be modified with an electrical power installation, which will be available on a par with conventional versions with internal combustion engines. According to the British edition of Autocar, the new Passat will appear on the market at the beginning of 2023 and will be available in the body of the wagon and sedan (either Liftbek by analogy with the Skoda Superb promotor form). Also expected Passat AllTrack with increased road lumen.

At the same time, the plans of the German autocontraser, the release of VW Passat should be discontinued on the enterprise conveyor in Emden, in the north of Germany, where the model was collected over the past 36 years. The German plant in turn is reissued under the issue

In the meantime, Volkswagen produces the Global Passat model on two different platforms: the European version is based on the MQB modular architecture, and the version for China and the United States is based on the «cart» PQ46. With a change of generation in 2023, Passat will be collected only on MQB.

According to insiders, Volkswagen has already agreed on the appearance of the future Passat, which is still known under the intra-water index B9. The model will become much more spacious and will get «more conservative design than Arteon». In addition, Passat can get a third-level autopilot.