Roman Golzchenko appointed by the President of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, immediately after the entry into office, I visited the Minsk Automotive Plant. The prime minister noted: «Now quite a difficult time for all automakers, but the questions faced by the MAZ are in the plane of the consequences of freezing supplies and sending traditional markets.» Explicit hint on

Indeed, today the MAZ works both in traditional markets in the CIS countries and is looking for new sales markets. But this is the outer side. To be a strong automaker, it is necessary to be not only represented in all segments of cargo machinery, but to produce competitive techniques. And in this direction, Minsk motorwooters have an interesting direction that has not yet been a few years ago.


Our channel told that at the end of last year he was opened

Today, the line of cars with Motors Weichai has been replenished

This is the onboard tractor MAZ-631828 with the wheel formula 6×6 — a representative of the new generation of Minsk «all-terrainists». The car is intended for the carriage of goods on all types of roads, has a load capacity of 15.140 kg and is designed to work in the composition of the road train with a technically permissible mass of 65.000 kg. It has a 430-strong Motor WP12.430E50, which is aggregated or with a 16-speed mechanical gearbox ZF 16S2520TO, or with a 12-speed Fast Gear 12JSDX240TA. The volume of the platform is 36.8 cubic meters. m. Cabin is a large tight.

The premiere was also represented by the MAZ-63122J-8528 sorting, equipped with a 400-strong WP10M.400E50 engine and a 16-speed mechanical gearbox ZF 16S2520TO. The car is designed for a full mass of 25.000 kg. Technically allowable carrying capacity — 13.640 kg.

Dump truck MAZ-651328-570-000 (6×4) is a competitor

Technically permissible total mass MAZ-651328 — 41.000 kg, which is achieved due to the installation of a reinforced front axle with a carrying capacity of 9000 kg and leading 16-ton bridges of the rear trolley. Technically permissible loading capacity of the dump truck — 25.000 kg. Body volume — 20 cubic meters. m. The first serial instance of this model was demonstrated at the exhibition.

The Weichai engine received the youngest in the line of Minsk dump trucks — this is a 4-ton MAZ-457121 (full mass — 10.100 kg). Model of the power unit — WP4.1NQ190E50. Power — 190 hp This MOTOR alternative to MMZ D-245.35E5 (170 hp).

Also from the beginning of the current year, the main conveyor has collected a few more in a series of cars of new models with Weichai motors. This is MAZ-651428 (6×6) — three-axis all-wheel drive