Today in the blogosphere and on the Internet sites are actively going on discussions about Chinese cars.

One part of the audience claims that Chinese cars in recent years have seriously pulled the quality of execution, the design has become stylish, that is, now correspond to the concept of a modern car.

Their opponents note the negative consequences of the purchase of Chinese brands. For example, low residual cost is possible, such a car will be difficult to sell such a car. Streamed stereotypes of insufficient anti-corrosion body protection, etc. Each party has its weighty arguments. But there is another most, perhaps, the main argument that we will tell the reader.

In fact, the position of several Chinese brands in the Russian market is strongly strengthened, and this is already a signal about the objectivity of this argument. How much? So, for the first half of 2020, Russian buyers purchased 16,521 cars of Chinese brands, as reported by the Portal «Avtostat Info». The positive dynamics of the Chinese segment of the Russian car market is especially impressive.

Immediately striking the fact that

Although still extremely low. For example, Changan has only 0.4% of the Russian car market, and Haval has 1.2% of the Russian market. And in general, the proportion of Chinese in our market exceeded 3%. That is, the expansion of Chinese brands is still at the very beginning. Recall that two Korean brands (Kia + Hyundai) market share in the Russian Federation amounted to 22.9%. But this is the result of a targeted and verified policy, which was carried out by automakers in the period of the postcrym crisis. The success of Korean brands is a wide range and price manipulation.

But here it is an interesting question: and who of more than fifty Chinese automakers is on the offensive in the Russian market. It is no secret that a number of autocompany from the PRC tried to show themselves in the Russian Federation and were forced to leave. «The firm strategy», as it turned out, does not work. Means,

Chinese offensive squad

More recently, quite a long time the leader of the Chinese segment in Russia was the Haval H6 crossover. Today it was announced that this model leaves from the Russian Federation and therefore its sales sharply began to fall and, according to the results of the first half of the year, the H6 rolled to the fifth place.

The leader of the Chinese in Russia is already half a year already produced in the Tula region at the Khavey Motor Motor Motor Engine

And how is the most successful Chinese look against other similar crossovers? In compiled by us

Now this SUV can be bought with front or full drive. The gearbox is only automatic. Two engines are installed on the model — the volume of 1.5 liters, the developing capacity of 150 hp and 2 l — 190 hp Already this month, the model should have a new equipment of Tech Plus. Even outwardly, he will be somewhat different. Mesh radiator grille, and the wheels will be in the form of a flower. As a project, the monitoring system of blind zones, assistance when traveling from parking by reverse, automatic braking system and much more. The price of an SUV in the basic configuration is now 1 million 489 thousand rubles.

Second place in the model rank belongs

Third place behind the crossover

These three models account for 52% of the Chinese sales in our market. It is impossible not to mention and here about this model:

And in conclusion, we give the rating of the most popular Chinese in the Russian market.