The German company Carberry GmbH announces the extension of the Spring federal superance «Your Benefit Time with Carberry» until May 31, 2020! Now the chances of receiving guaranteed valuable and cash prizes, as well as to participate in the draw of three travels in Sochi with the possibility of visiting the royal races increased!

The basic condition of the action remains the same: during its holding, it is necessary to purchase from official distributors of spare parts of trademarks, which are included in the portfolio of the German company Carberry GmbH: Blitz, Fixar, Free-Z, Haft, Green Filter, Torr and Carberry.

A one-time purchase of 5,000 rubles provides a guaranteed receipt of a gift — a convenient branded backpack. And with a total purchase during the action period by 20,000 rubles, you will receive a bank card with a face value of 1500 rubles for any of your personal spending!

And finally, we remind about the most important thing! With the total acquisition during the period of the Blitz, Fixar, Free-Z, HAFT, Green Filter, Torr, carberry, carberry, you become a member of the super prizes draw — three trips to Sochi with the possibility of not only an excellent stay, but also visits to unforgettable Royal races that will be held from 24 to 27 September 2020!

We draw your attention that now the amount of procurement is determined by the results of three, and not two months! And this means even more opportunities to get not only a Visa bank card with a par value of 1500 rubles, but also to take part in the superprise draw!

Summing up the intermediate results of the stock, it can be noted that, despite the current situation in the market, there is a good dynamics and an increase in interested customers who want to receive cash prizes and take part in super prizes. In addition, more than 3,000 customers have already received company backpacks of the company.

The main specialization of the German company Carberry GmbH is the production of high-quality and reliable autocomponents: the parts of the brake system, cooling systems, transmission, suspension, filters, autolp and wipers, etc. — There are only more than 10,000 positions for car leading manufacturers! All manufactured products are undergoing multi-stage quality control in the production process and has an annual warranty.

Details of the promotion can be found by phone hotline:

The German company Carberry GmbH specializes in the production of a variety of spare parts and components for cars of leading world manufacturers. Carberry GmbH’s portfolio includes Blitz, Torr, HAFT, Green Filter, Free-Z, Fixar,